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bad breath and nose smell when u eat certain foods

Jan 04, 2012 - 0 comments

have bad breath and bad smell in my nose but it helps to rinse my nose and avoid certain types of food i just kept looking up peoples answers and it makes big diffrence no meat,grains,sugar and no dairy at all, rinse my nose everyday.the way i read we are suppost to rinse like this get on the bed face up tilt head and use a dropper and fill up your nose with clean saltwater nose rinse from any drug store rinse half bottle(4oz) in each nostrill and im also using these chinese nose drops 1 in each nostril before i rinse it helps open my nose and breath better and more water fits in to help clean my nose and remember i did all this with gods help sometimes bad things happen so we can be better people hope it works for u if it doesnt than you may have something diffrent

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