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MMR shots

Jan 05, 2012 - 20 comments

i know there has been contraversy re the mmr shots and the link to autism...which has no medical evidence...but i have been worried since matthew got his shots last week at 12 months...he has become so irritable and fussy...he was happy before (except when teething) but most part happy. now he screamssssss in the middle of the night and doesnt play as happily as he did before. he really becomes fussy and irritable. speaking to other friends they have postponed these shots til 15 months...reading all this stuff online i am of course more worried..some say u should wait til language developmental skills have been reached...matthew is an active boy but he barely speaks...he says mamma (and dada) and used to say but now he barely says anything just babbles...i'm also wondering why they r postponing the shots to 15 months if there's no link to autism...did others give the shots to their babies at 12 months and did they have any side effects, irritability or change in behaviour? i know i have to stop reading the negative but it's hard not too...he is also off of formula and strictly on homo milk...i wonder if that affects him as well...but doubt it as he seems to like it. please share ur stories if u have any...many thanks melissa

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by Kricket212, Jan 05, 2012
Hi Melissa,  How are you?  I hope you had great holiday.
I am sure the little guy is fine & just going through alot of changes with teething & growing.  Don't worry so much. (easier said then done)  Why don't you call Dr & ask. I am sure you will feel better.

XOXO Donna

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by GiGiGiGi, Jan 05, 2012
Funny - i just received an email from a friend of mine (mom of 3) who said that she found her kids were a little irritable and difficult right before the either had a growth spurt or had a developmental advance.  I bet this is what is going on with the little Mr.  

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by Melissa_71, Jan 05, 2012
hey Donna, all is ok here as much as can be expected! back to work next week! how r u doing with those handsome lil guys???

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by Melissa_71, Jan 05, 2012
GGGGGG, hope ur doing well!!! how's Marek??? i want to squeeze him...r u going to have his mmr shots this month or r u postponing?

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by adgal, Jan 09, 2012
We had no problems with any vaccines except about a day's worth of fussiness, and with some a very mild fever.  Honey, not only is there no medical science behind the link to autism, they have completely and totally debunked it all together.  The initial evidence was totally fraudulent.  I will tell you gigi said, Ryder would get like that from time to time.  He just went through another period like that.  I bet it's more as Gigi said, and linked to various milestones, etc.  Chances are good it's just a phase.  (((hugs))

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by stacey10, Jan 09, 2012
with my last 6 I always wait until 18-24 mths, dont know why but I just do :)

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by Hopefulcb, Jan 09, 2012
I totally agree with agdal - there has been no link whatsoever with autism and vaccines so please try not to worry about that. The chances he could get sick from any of those diseases without a vaccine is much greater than adverse effects from the vaccine. As Gigi said, probably he's having a growth spurt and will get back to his normal self soon. Didn't you go back to work recently as well? He may sense that something is different and be reacting to that as well. These little guys are sensitive to what's going on and when we are nervous or worried so this could be affecting him too. Hang in there and let us know how he is! Hugs.

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by margypops, Jan 09, 2012
Tha'ts not exactly true in the US and I would do some research.there is much controversy...however I think that vaccinations should be staggered , they give too many all together so see if they can be given seperately .Go to the search engine and do research for your self ..

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by wvtxpen, Jan 09, 2012
My daughter just had her baby, a premy at 2 lbs 6 ounces at the end of May 2011.  She was concerned about all of the immunizations that the doctors want to give.  The concerns are that the Congressional Hearings on possible links to Mercury in shots such as MMR and how the hearings had numerous parents & grandparents that seen their babies and grandchildren get autism after receiving some of these shots.  Also, in the United States 1 in 10,000 children in 2002 developed Autism and now 1 in 250 children develop Autism.

Now, we have been researching and reading many links of babies and children developing Autism liked to shots.  Also, looking at the CDCgov site on shots for children, they discuss many of these shots are preventive.  Whooping Cough for example is recommended but it is in a combination shot.  It is recommended if whooping cough is reported in the area but it is mixed with other shots that maybe required.  So parents do not have a choice.  Doctors insist on parents getting the children their shots and many give you the standard line that the shots are safe.  Off the record, I have had medical people that say its not a coincidence that symptoms happen shortly after the shots and I have also been told to request to have the shots give individually because there may be side effects to them being given in combination.

I do not know if these shots are the cause of autism.  I do know that the number of shots continue to increase for babies.  If I knew then what I know now, I would choose against MMR and whne my child was old enough for school, I would homeschool rather than be forced to give these shots to my children or grandchildren.  I agree with Margypops...

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by adgal, Jan 09, 2012
Melissa, don't be scared.  There are lots of scary stories on the internet, and ALL links to autism as a result of vaccination have been proven false.  Don't listen to conspiracy theories.  I think talking to your Dr. is a really good idea...might help put your mind at ease.  And Hopefulcb made some super good points as well.  No question they sense it when things are changing and I know you have been worried about going back to work, childcare, etc.   I have no doubt M is just fine honey.  But when in doubt, give your Dr. a call.

Margy, Melissa is in Canada, but as far as I know the vaccines are the same.  Only real difference is here they do not do the nose mists or whatever they are.  Strictly by needle.

Melissa, one of the reasons some choose to stagger vaccines or even delay is not because of autism.  Some feel that the number of vaccines in the MMR sort of overloads the immune system.  Nothing wrong with staggering them or delaying them if that's what makes you feel comfortable.  One thing to keep in mind though..if he is going to a daycare like Ryder did, they are suddenly exposed to everything.  So my big worry was having him around all those kids without full protection.  I talked to my Pediatrician, my family Dr. and our Public Health Nurse, and felt pretty good about it.  But what you can do is make an appointment with the Public Health Nurse and discuss which of the vaccines they consider most crucial.  That might help you make a good decision.  You do have options, and never be afraid to ask lots of questions. I have been known to drive our Dr.'s  

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by Ashelen, Jan 09, 2012
I agree also that there is no reason to fear the vaccine/autism link as it's been proven false by REPUTABLE studies, which the original study linking them was proven NOT to be.

I totally understand your fears, I've had them myself despite knowing the link to be bogus! My mom is one of 12 kids, and there's a single set of twins about halfway through the siblings. When one of the twins had a son who developed autism, the other twin decided not to vaccine her son when she became pregnant. Her son ALSO developed autism.

So even though the women were twins, raised in the same environment, one son received vaccines and the other didn't  - yet both of them have oldest sons with autism. That screams genetics to me, which is why it's always on my mind.

Anyway I digressed, lol.

At 12 months, is he walking yet? I know that my kids, whenever they were too young to speak, if they were about to hit a developmental milestone they would go through what I called "the snooze or scream" phase...either they would sleep excessively and then suddenly hit a milestone (talking, walking, sitting up, babbling, cooing, etc) and be back to normal..or they would turn into fuss-buckets for a few days. Then, again, as soon as the milestone was reached, it was all back to normal.

Definitely speak to a medical professional about your concerns. We can explain until we're blue in the face that there either is or is not a link, but we do not have the expertise to understand the intricacies in the studies, so your best bet would be to speak to someone who does. pharmacists are actually a great resource for vaccines, because they study the mechanisms used in the vaccines pretty extensively.

My kids DO get staggered/delayed vaccines, but mostly because I hate putting them through it all at one time.

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by margypops, Jan 09, 2012
As I said do your own research Melissa even if you live in Timbucktoo, ..its the only way, many have their own opinions so you need to form your own .absolutely wvvxtpen... I am in The US I was giving my opinion on what I see happening here not any other country ..I do know that giving babies multiple vaccinations is in MY opinion dangerous and it has not been proven safe ...

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by Marlene76, Jan 09, 2012
Our little boy is 2 1/2 years old now and he had all his vaccines at the recommended time. I dont remember his speech skills being particularity advanced at the time and he didn't walk until about 16 months but his speech is exceptional now along with his memory and social skills. He's a very bright and friendly little boy!  I have no worries or complaints. :)

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by margypops, Jan 09, 2012
hi Melissa I am sure he is okay .. there have been many virus's around this year I have heard many stories like yours..also babies do get fussy and irritable after they have their shots .. from what I know and read postponing makes no difference ..I agree all children should be vaccinated, I do believe they should not be given in multiple doses .

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by nola0805, Jan 09, 2012
Ashelen - I love your snooze or scream label - it's perfect and describes very well the life of the toddler just before developmental leaps.

Melissa - I can imagine that it must be pretty stressful to be worried about Matthew - sorry about that.  I first advise waiting a few days.  It is most likely the snooze or scream stage, but I also wonder if he may be sick (i.e., an ear infection), as that can makes little ones pretty irritable - so you may want to have his dr. check him out just to be safe.  For what its worth, I really don't think that there is a link between Autism and the MMR - I am a psychologist and I work with children with Autism and with some of the top researchers in the field and I just don't think the evidence is there - and trust me, I did tons of research on my own, especially when I was faced with the vaccine question myself.  My 16-month-old son got his MMR at 12 months - without question (and he is fine).  Yes there are more vaccines now but what most people do not know is that the vaccines today are much better made and more efficient and therefore the viral load is much less than the vaccines we got when we were younger.  I agree that it is always a good idea to do research on your own but man, there is a lot of misinformation out there and propaganda on both sides that it can be very confusing.  

I am a little worried that you say he is speaking less and now only babbling - keep your eye on that but also remember that most boys are not talking much at 12 months, especially if they are really active and focused on building motor skills.  My son only said one word at 12 month "hot" and he said "mama" for a few days and stopped.  I bet that he is just fine.  Hang in there and keep us posted.

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by skepticalpeach, Jan 09, 2012
I have read that giving children milk when they are lactose intolerant can cause autism. I'm not sure if it's true, but I can see eating something you have a reaction to having a bad effect on your body. I don't believe anything about the link between vaccines and autism. If he still isn't saying much in a year or two take him to a behavioral pediatrician.

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by AnnieBrooke, Jan 10, 2012
My son's pedi told me that the amount of vaccine given to me as a child was much greater than the amount of vaccine given to my son, even when he got the combination shots.  It has been greatly refined.

The so-called scientist who published the original studies supposedly linking vaccination to autism has been proven to have faked his data and pretty much everything he had written.  Unfortunately, the Internet has a way of regurgitating the stories (usually told in an unscientific, anecdotal way), and some people continue to believe them.

There is nothing wrong with giving your child his shots on a staggered basis.  It just takes longer.  

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by Melissa_71, Jan 10, 2012
hi everyone, thanks so much for ur responses....his ped. told me there  is no medical evidence linked between mmr shots and  autism...i only started this journal bec i had a few friends postpone their babies shots...and was just curious why matthew's dr did not even mention to me that we had that option. i believe in getting all the required vaccines...but these ones just had me worried. he has been fussy up til yesterday...seems to be a bit better...not screaming as much. i did start back at work today...@nola i was wondering if he had some kind of ear infection...he tugs at one ear frequently and i mentioned that at his checkup...dr said he can see some fluid in there and asked if he had a cold..which he didnt...but he's eating and drinking so i thought that he was ok.  a couple of nights ago i emailed one of the dr's in the clinic and told him about the irritability etc...his response was if this continues another week bring him in... (nice answer but then again what else can he say) im hoping it was just a lil phase he went through...yes he's very active and not much of a talker...singer yes...i just hate how stories r manipulated to make us (ok me) worry so much. other than the irritability he is very social.
tonight he was back to saying mama...phew. i know that when babies used  to do things and then all of a sudden they stop that could be a sign. yes i get paranoid at his ped said there's a god do u believe in him i i guess he's saying autism is out of our hands. my girlfriend has three kids all diagnosed with autism...when i asked her if  she recalled any signs when they were young, she said she had no clue...thought they were all normal except her third who was and understands everything but is totally nonverbal...i have another friend who had a premie he approached a year old all seemed fine...he took his first steps and was saying words...then soon after stopped it all...he is now four and they r testing him for autism...i cant help but think if there was something wrong then they would not be offering these three shots together would they? always hoping and praying for the best....thanks again ladies.

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by adgal, Jan 10, 2012
Ryder had his motor skills develop long before his verbal ones.  At one point I was also concerned, but then all of a sudden it came, and he hasn't stopped since.  Someone on here (I think it was Ashelen) told me that often one set of skills will develop earlier then others, and because they focus so much on that set, the others can be later.  Still normal, just less quickly.  Matthew was an early walker like Ryder, so maybe it's just the same sort of thing.  

I'm a worrier too, so I understand.  My gosh, some of my posts in the parenting forums are downright neurotic.  I once worried that Ryder might have early signs of schitzophrenia (sp?) because he was pretending to  Poor kid..normal imagination and mom thinks somethings wrong.  I think it's normal to a certain extent.  


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by melimeli, Feb 02, 2012
The dr who linked the two has admitted that it was all falsified.  I wouldn't worry about that link.  I gave mine hers on time.  I work in a school and all the special ed teachers don't believe there is a link.  My kids have all been late talkers but they caught up quickly when they did start.  Also your boy has been home with you for a year and has not had all the interaction with other children but will catch on quickly when he does begin.  10 years ago everyone was diagnosed as ADHD now it is autism...  I think more a diagnosed than are really autistic... just on the WIDE spectrum which could be only quirks...   anyway...  try not to worry

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