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Weird Baby Delivery Dreams

Jan 06, 2012 - 2 comments

Last night was the first night of DH and my Bradley birthing classes.  I've been so excited to start the classes and to start preparing for labor.  I'm actually been really excited for labor, haha, I've just know these classes will get me ready!  Afterwards, we went home and watched a documentary about the uncivilized tribes in the New Guinea jungle.  Those two things mixed together with the Mtn. Dew I let myself splurge on just before bed (what was I thinking?) combined to give me two very different baby dreams last night.  

In the first one, my baby popped out but it was the size of my thumb, all green and stick thin, and very insect-like in a way.  I wasn't worried at all, but the baby kept hopping around and it was hard for DH and I to keep an eye on it. Finally the baby hopped over to this dead grasshopper literally the size of my hand and attached itself to it.  (DH and I actually found a dead grasshopper this size while sweeping out our garage this weekend, and it really creeped me out at the time) I actually thought it was cute that my baby was sticking to the grasshopper, as if it was it's first "stuffed toy", haha!  Plus, it finally settled our baby down.  I picked up the grasshopper/baby combo and was finally able to cuddle with my baby against my cheek.

In the second dream, I was going about my day and feeling great.  Maybe a slight twinge or cramp but nothing serious.  All of a sudden I find myself in the hospital.  I was told I was in labor, but I wouldn't believe it since I was not in any pain.  The nurse insisted I was, so I asked her to go get my husband for me.  All of a sudden I get in the squatting position.  I feel my baby ready to come out and my body is about to push.  The nurse yells at me to wait to push, that she hadn't even had a chance to go get my husband.  I told her I couldn't wait, and I was going to go for it.  Three big pushes and the baby was out.  Just then the nurse runs back in the room with DH to see me catching my own baby I had just pushed out.  My baby was not at all like a newborn, but large, completely clean, chubby, and with the biggest open eyes I've ever seen.  I was so happy!

My mom actually delivered my sister and I very similarly to the second dream.  She barely noticed labor to make it to the hospital in time, and the babies literally fell out of her when she'd walk in.  I'm hoping I end up being similar.  My sister let them induce her and it ended up being long and painful for her.

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by annaluna, Jan 06, 2012
I use this for my dreams

1641319 tn?1374087120
by ylime1207, Feb 13, 2013
I decided to reread this now that my baby is almost one.  The dreams are funny to me now, haha!  It's funny that I hoped my labor was like the second dream, fast and frantic.  And while I wasn't induced, my labor was super long and super painful.  Now that I've done it, fast and frantic would really freak me out :P!  Unlike the dream, my husband was with me for every part of labor & delivery, but I did only need three big pushes and I was super happy!

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