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Ending Week 17  1/6/2012

Jan 06, 2012 - 0 comments

What a week of laying around and doing absolutely nothing !    The weather has been unusually unseasonal and warm.  Tree are budding which I can see from my bedroom window.    Most of this week has been watching movies and hibernating in my bed.   I feel so anti social and dont want to be around anyone for the fear of biting some heads off.    However today I got up and actually got dressed, meaning  putting on a nicer pair of sweats and tennis shoes , actually combed my hair and got the goo out and spiked it up a bit here and there and left with my husband into the sunset and as he had a surprise for me.    We went to the bank and signed off on a new used car , one that I wouldnt of chosen in a million years , but I love my new "Lexus GS 300"  , with a Platinum edition series .   Champagne on Champagne leather.   Then I got to go to the DMV to get my DL renewed after 6 months being late.  Yikes..... All good.    
Blood labs came back today,  Hemoglobin at 12.5, & WBC at 2.4   Alt & ast a little high around 48 & 51, but the NP didnt seem to upset as a matter of fact she told me there was no chance of that oxygen, saline or Blood transfusion Ive been beggin for !  LOL        7 weeks to go.   I cant imagine numbers worse than that and having to deal with it.  I am so sorry for anyone who is reading this.   My hope and prayers to you.  The worse will be over soon !  Jesus take the Wheel !      

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