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Not a good week. (Week 13)

Jan 09, 2012 - 7 comments

Well, Week 13 has not been a good one.  Waking up Tuesday I could not get out of bed.  My back was in so much pain; I had to use a cane to help me through the rest of the following days.  Unfortunately I had to go on an hour and a quarter hour trip to my specialists to get my week 12 blood work done.  Going into the hospital I had to hang onto the walls to be able to make it down the long hallway to his office.   I took 4 Imodium to be able to do the trip due to the diarehha and thank goodness there was a bathroom nearby when I arrived.  And to make things worst, it was shot day.  Great!
When I got home I put some heat on my back and it seemed to help a bit and by the time I had to take my shot, it had subsided to just a dull ache and I was able to walk around. Phew!  

The next day I had to go and get my emissions test on my car and new plates.  I got the emissions test, went to the Licensing Office to find that they had moved so had to leave there and go to another destination. All the while, my breathing was soo laboured by the time I reached the second office, you could actually hear my wheezing and irregular breathing. It was really bad. People started looking at me and I ended up having a panic attack.   NOT a good week.

Have not even come online all week. Just feeling very frustrated.   Tomorrow I do my Shot 14.  

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163305 tn?1333668571
by orphanedhawk, Jan 09, 2012
I'm on week 14 but not triple therapy.
Last week was the pits for me too. Some are like that.

I had to stop driving when because of my mushy brain. So, you impress me, doing all of that while feeling like crap.
You're strong, you will make it!

I'm off to see my NP today and I've got a long list for her.
Hugs from the bay,

1636196 tn?1337801300
by Interfurgen, Jan 09, 2012
We ( I mean ) 99.9% of us sicky are just amazing in what we are going through, with are pain ( IF OTHERS COULD UNDER STAND HOW BAD IT REALLY HURTS) My joint pain, last night had me ,up and down all night .NO sleep , feel rotten today. can't get to work, I've got to get my butt in gear! It hard to even think. So let me tell you sister, BOY I FEEL YOUR PAIN> Hope you can stop on the way home for a two scoop ice cream. Ice cream takes care of just about all sickeness, If two scoops help then a 1/2 gallon will be even better.

317787 tn?1473358451
by Dee1956, Jan 09, 2012
Star, so sorry to hear about the bad week.  I know how you feel, well I can imagine, I don't know how you did all that you did. I really admire you for sticking it out.  It is hard, we are getting a little snow right now and chicken that I am I had to call and cancel a doctors appt at 6.  On the good side I can now go to bed and not worry about the appt til tomorrow.  I feel irresponsible however have not driven in weeks much less in the snow and I don't have a ride.  I hope your next week is better.  
I will be thinking of you and praying for you

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by screaming48, Jan 09, 2012
It's hard when you feel like crap and still have to take care of regular buisiness, I know when my hgb fell to 8.1 I could not breath and could not think straight but still had to keep appointments and labs. Having to take care getting property taxes and like you the vehicles have to be maintained I call those type of days Jonah days. I hope that the next few days will be much better for you. Isn't nice that we can come on here and be supported because everyone is basically going through the same thing..anne

1923802 tn?1331986928
by Dannigirl69, Jan 09, 2012
Wowsers ya sounds like it was a rough one..hope some good days are comin your way,:) take it easy.

910090 tn?1332167460
by starshine1ca, Jan 10, 2012
Ahhhh thank you guys and yes, screaming48, it sure does feel better to be able to share with you all and know you truly understand..and are dealing with the same issues.  Thanks soo much Dee, Danni. screaming48, Interfurgen and guys are amazing and Interfurgen, you awe me being able to go through all this and work...that makes you a hero in my eyes!  I did have ice cream, once I got home by the way...and it was a double scoop...hehehe

Dee...I am going to try to get out today to do my pre-shot to we should be getting snow later this week...but today is will take advantage of careful out there and do not blame you for cancelling.  Better to be safe at home during snow storms.  I hate driving in the winter.  

1990530 tn?1333478843
by Grandmajane420, Feb 09, 2012
wish I could send you a feel better fairy. Hang in there, there is a rainbow at the end of the road. I heard someone else reccommend watching really funny shows to make you laugh, I think it helps, last night was a ruff one for me and I watched some comedy shows and really laughed hard, I think I felt better for it I had a pretty good sleep after.


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