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Got to See The Baby!

Jan 06, 2012 - 0 comments



Normal Ultrasound

Was a little apprehensive about the appointment today because I knew it involved an ultrasound. I had been reading about the rising rates of ultrasounds which corresponded with the rising rates of autism. Already having twins with autism, and having done a ton of ultrasounds on them, I've been a bit concerned. Luckily, the ultrasound tech had also been following the whole ultrasound/autism debate and assured me that low frequencies are used, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, and that she doesn't stay on an area for very long (which was one of the primary concerns addressed in the study).

Feeling reassured, I opted for the ultrasound and am glad I did! My little person was dancing around everywhere. I even saw her/his mouth open and close quite a bit, which the ultrasound tech said meant that he/she was swallowing amniotic fluid. (My friend joked that this meant I was having a girl because she was already starting to "gab" :)

At one point, it looked as though it was sucking its thumb. Very cool, has been 7 years since I've gone through this, so it seemed very new and exciting! By bf said the baby looks like Homer Simpson. :)

Doctor asked if I indulged a bit too much during the Holidays :). I've been putting on weight quickly, now that the naseua has subsided. But I'm trying to monitor myself closely with this pregnancy, given my track record of gaining 70 lbs with the twins, and five years before that gaining 50 lbs with my oldest son. I was able to lose it all pretty quickly, but I'm trying to stay within guidelines this time by keeping active daily.

Here I Come!
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