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Hep C Cleared-Diagnosed with a blood disease of the liver

Jan 09, 2012 - 0 comments

blood disease







I hadn't realized how long it had been since I posted anything in the journal on the website. Right now I am battling Hereditary Corporporphyria, an genetic blood disease that causes the red blood cells to mutate when reproduced. I have been out of work since April of 2010, almost two years as a result. There is no cure and no treatment. I am essentially trying to manage the symptom. My goal this for (for me and my Doc Susan Park) is NO ER Visits this year. My last visit was 12/10/11 and one approx 2 weeks earlier. Both involved seizure, uncontrolled vomiting, pain, nausea, migraine. We are taking the approach of trying to medicate soon, get IV fluids sooner, etc. We will see how I fair in 2010.

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