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Do your thing, God

Jan 10, 2012 - 0 comments














Further reflection on the hell I've been through in the last 27 years, along with a real effort to know God's Word, has brought me to the realization of something most modern Christians souls would prefer isn't true... God is jealous of who and what you worship, as evidenced by where you spend your time and your money.  He's first.  And when He's not first in my life He's wrathful!  My life is all the proof I need.  

Our modern religious rhetoric redefines "fear" as "reverence".  We're comfortable with an image of God as namby-pamby, wanting His children to be happy... Then we complain bitterly when we go our own way and He doesn't bless us.  Where in that are we considering that behind the Biblical words, "Work out your salvation with fear" are the words, "and trembling"?  What part about trembling do we refuse to comprehend?  

I'm more than willing to tremble and toe the line because, while submission is no fun (and certainly not the attitude my flesh and my wordly education encourage me to accept), the benefits I'm realizing from getting back on track, humbling myself before an all-powerful God, and leaning on His will are so beautiful and such a relief from the pain I experienced when I tried to do it my way, that I'm thankful for the rough time He have me to bring me to this point of recognizing the value of His grace and being in fellowship with Jesus.  Basically, God let me beat myself up so I could appreciate Him more!

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