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TIA Stuff

Oct 13, 2008 - 1 comments

I had my second TIA in two years back in September. well TIA's are Trans Ichemic Attacks.. The symptoms are supposed to disolve themselves in a matter of 24 hours. Well i had a problem with left sided weakness. I stil have the problem even 5 weeks after the stroke.'s 5 weeks today. So anyway I went to see a nuerologist the other day. I actually saw a PA.. anyway the guy told me to take 5 steps I took 3 and lost my balance on my right side which is opposite my left.. anyway.. My leg gives out on me all the time.. i didn't give out when he made me walk.. so he's telling me that i should abandon the walker i'm using.. and not listen to the rehab people because I'm okay basically. The rehab people told me it's going to be a couple more weeks yet with this walker.. So really I don't know what to do... i don't know if i should ask to see the actual nuerologist.. i don't know.. It's just frustrating.. A TIA is a mini stroke basically and it makes me wonder if it was more than a mini stroke even though they said it wasn't.. because I still have some of the symtoms.. my eye doctor told me that my vision has gotten worse.. I told the PA that and he said my eye doctor was full of **** and the TIA and the vision problems can't be related..

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by dancer72, Mar 24, 2019
2 weeks ago i had a tia the hospital said they said i didnt have a stroke it was a mini stroke now im confused i have a 80% blockage in the left carotid artery hes going to put a stent in there what confuses me hes doing it through my groin i would think he would put it through my neck near the blockage not so far away when i turn my head to the left i get a sharp pain in the left side and back of my neck now i'm really scared after they did the angiograph  wonder if theres more going on here my memory has gotten a lot worse to

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