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My beginnings here...

Jan 10, 2012 - 6 comments

I was looking for my VERY 1st post fro 07, but couldn't find it :( But, this is pretty close.
Though some of you could appreciate a snapshot of my beginnings.

This is the actual 1st Thanks to Twopack Mary

I'm just like you - we are just like each other. But, we experience things so differently, and at varying degrees.

But, HERE, HERE, we find exactly what we need. And, where there are holes, we find them for each other, fill them in, and then pass it along to those in need.

Question for ya's - If we all find each other for the very same reasons one way or another.....Obtain the information and support we need from this very place, then why on this "technically advanced earth" after ALL of these years are money making healthcare social media professionals still getting it wrong?

I think it's because they don't have "US" in their corner. Juuust sayin ;) We know how to help each other and keep a fact straight.

Sorry - if I'm rambling. I just read my very 1st post on this MS forum, and saw all of YOU, in ME, 5 years ago. Those same sentiments I passed along to Doc Quix and others, is the same sentiment you pass along here. Like a repeat button in time.

We are doing alot right :) Give yourselves a HUGE pat on your back. You are here for ALL the right reasons, you do what you can for each other and yourselves, and I love ya's! ((((((hugs))))) ((((((mmmmwah!))))

Your help is not only priceless, it's "TIMELESS"

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1475492 tn?1332887767
by Sidesteps, Jan 10, 2012
Wow! Thanks Shell, that is very informative. I do appreciate the snapshot.

Besides seeing your early days and listening to your thoughts, one thing Quix said rang true to me. I'm stable and not in a relapse right now (doctor told me) and she mentioned a couple times my possibility with a benign disease process. All things she told me. I guess I'm more typical that I realized...except I am the rebel of the group now. ;)

198419 tn?1360245956
by sllowe, Jan 11, 2012
You are so welcome! I wish there were an easier way to get to our 1st post. Still can't find it. It would help us all know us long timers here easier :) Being a rebel is fun isn't it? I can totally relate. So glad Quix words rang true to you - did so to me too. She is truly missed.

1045086 tn?1332130022
by twopack, Sep 06, 2012
Hey Shell.  Want easy?  Can you keep a secret?

Here’s the best way I know to find your original post.
(Keep in mind that even simple processes can appear long and complicated when written out as step-by-step instructions.)

1. Go to your profile.  
2. Note your total number of posts.  (6751 for you as of today)
3. Click on “See All” in the top right corner of the “Posts” box.  
     Your 10 most recent posts will appear.
4. Click on the box with the “2” inside to bring up page 2 (and ten more posts).
5. Divide your total number of posts by 10.  Since MedHelp displays 10 posts per review page
     this calculation will show how many pages you have to flip through to get to the original.  
                  6751 divided by 10 = 675.1  
     The fraction means your first post will appear on page 676.

If you aren’t inclined to click forward 676 times (!) proceed to step #6.

6. Look at the URL in your browser bar.  It should look like this.
                                          With your cursor, hover here ^ between the “2” and the “&”

7. Left click with your mouse once (the entire URL will highlight) and then a second
     time (the highlight will disappear and the cursor will be inserted at that spot).
8. Backspace once.
9. Type 676.  Notice the “page=2” part of the URL now reads “page=676”.

10. Strike the enter key and watch the magic! ;)

      ** Important Note: This magic does NOT work from page 1! **

1045086 tn?1332130022
by twopack, Sep 06, 2012
Just to confuse, my ^ hash mark didn't line up in the correct spot. Argggg.....
I'm sure you get it anyway but how's a girl supposed to plan?

Just to clarify:
           ** Important Note: This magic does NOT work from page one! **  
                       It probably does fine from page eleven :-}

198419 tn?1360245956
by sllowe, Sep 10, 2012
YOU ROCK MARY!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!
Going to go check out this magic :)

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