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New Years Resolutions/update

Jan 10, 2012 - 0 comments

Hey ppl. So the guy here isn't as strong as he thinks sometimes. It's weird bc over the last months all the sex related things i've read/xperienced/been scared of [stds] have given me some info but not much sense. I have had some unprotected oral sex recently. Not proud of it. Stupid/d[ck move. U would think its ez to be smarter then ur d[ck. Well. Yeah i'm writing this so not so much. I have sworn off any sex now. I will get tested again in mab a few wks/again after that. Seems like as much as like sex i'm really wanting someone in my life more then just getting off w someone. Hmmm. Changes. Have had some irritatetion since on my d[ck/have no idea if its just from the rough nature of the oral i got or what. Short/lasted for a min or 2 tops. Everything i read.. Every guy i talk to.. It's said to me that oral is safe. Lo risk. Guys i talked to recently even say they do it all the time/no worries/no harm/no foul. I am a very ADD guy. Mind on overdrive most of the time. Not a good mind for casuel hookups. I don't have unprotected intercourse. Lol after the last months of all of this i have been to scared to even go there. I used to be a chronic jerker. That's changed to. I do it sometimes/its necessary and yeah lol i like to. I really have alwayz liked my d[ck. Never thoght bout any probs it mite get me nnto. That's the past. My d[ck's often my nemesis now. As seems to be sex in generel. Idk y i'm writing this. MaB someone will see it and relate. I've met some good ppl/goin thru some awful $hit/sex wise/relationships/personaly. Best to u all/i truly feel connected to u guys. Hope this year will give us a fresh look at r lives. In a good way. Peace/Good vibes////////. JAke

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