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So anxious

Jan 12, 2012 - 0 comments


So this is round 2 of clomid for me. With round 1 my progesterone level was 3.95 and the doctors said that I did no O. So that was last month but this round my level was 15.47!! YAY!!! I O'd!!! Well anywho, I my menstrual should have started today but still nothing.
>> my blood work was taken on cd22 which was Friday the 6th, I so want to run to the store to get a test but I'm scared of getting a BFN.
>> for about a week or so my breast have been very tender which is normally my indicator that my period is getting ready to come on so I'm confused. Other weird thing that I have been noticing is the decrease in my appetite. I am barely eating anything. When I get hungry, if I dont eat right that instant the urge to eat goes away and by the time I'm able to get I dont even want it any more. I have also been getting cramping on each side (its like their taking turns or something with the pain) I also get frequent lower back pain.
I keep telling myself to wait until Saturday to test so this way I can at least know that I am actually Late but I so want to test right now.....

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