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wow!! ouch ouch ouch!!

Jan 13, 2012 - 3 comments

well yesterday morning I got a positive on my opk but didnt have my usual feeling of wanting to be sick, at around 5 last night that feeling came on with a rush, well at least I thought it did, but maybe it was wishful thinking?, but no it was definatley here and was strong, lol, trying to make the kids dinner while not gagging was if I may say myself a wonderous sight to behold :) anyway about 1/2 an hour after that pain!! ouchy wow, I've never felt pain like this before when ovulating, I think I birthed a huge fat round egg out of my left overay, my gods, I've had the odd cramp and pinching before but this was horrendous, my whole uterus was cramping up and the area where my left overay was, was rock hard, this went on for about 1/2 an hour, so in the middle of it I thought I'd go do another poas thing as I'm sort of an addict, well I did and I have never ever in 5 yrs of using them, ever had one as dark as this and the line was thicker than the control line as well, gosh I wonder if the wigglies have caught it and if its a good one :) here we go again :)

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1740756 tn?1311282083
by 1biologist, Jan 14, 2012
You go girl....hope you had a romantic night.  :-)

1837090 tn?1328040121
by needzadvice, Jan 15, 2012
yay sounds like a good egg baby making egg hope you had fun :)

1950518 tn?1333219865
by Stacey91, Feb 12, 2012
Yayy hehe !! =D fingers crossed for youu ! defo heading in the right direction by the sounds of things xxx

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