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Exercise outside in the cold

Jan 15, 2012 - 0 comments

I waited until almost 6 o clock to exercise, but I found that when I dressed extremely warm I enjoyed the weather.  Really enjoyed it.  Maybe I need to get outside more.  I am also enjoying the gym.  Really felt the endorphins kick in during my second lap.  Made it 1.9 mi. in the cold, but had to take it slow.

What I did right this week:
Went to the gym
Exercised 5/7 days this week
Taking it easy with the exercise
Eating one meal a day at a table
4/7 days not eating after 9:00 pm

Objectives for next week:   Jan. 16, 2011
1.  Exercise 5 days
2.  Hit the gym 3 days
3.  Do not overdo
4.  Eat one meal at the table without distractions
5.  Eat on a small plate
6.  Heavy breakfast  5 days
7.  Gauge hunger when eating

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