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Sleeping issues.

Jan 16, 2012 - 0 comments




Okay, basically each night it takes me around an hour (sometimes even longer) to actually fall asleep once I lay down (even if I am that sleepy I feel dizzy and faint). Then during the night I wake up multiple times for various reasons (they can be as stupid as hearing leaves blow in the wind, or hearing my cat move about in the next room). And each of these times I awake, it again takes a long time for me to fall asleep again. By the time all of this is taken into account, I probably have about four hours sleep a night. Sometimes this is plenty, and I'm wide awake, but other times it makes me feel extremely faint.
Also, once I am sleeping, I have really weird and disturbing dreams (some of these have included being burnt alive, and that day I awoke with a fever, and hanging myself, and that day I woke up struggling to breathe), and I also occasionally sleep-talk and on even rarer occasions I walk around a little.
All of these factors scare and confuse me, and have somewhat made me start to devolp a phobia of sleep.
Anyone who I speak to doesn't seem to understand, and I just literally have no idea what to do anymore.

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