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Jan 16, 2012 - 2 comments

I absolutely can't remember where this old tale comes from....It may be Buddhist....If anyone knows tell me....
Anyway, this is how it goes:

A man went up into the high mountains with his dog. He was seeking enlightenment, and many Students of Spiritual Ways had told him of a wise Master who lived in those mountains.
After many days he came upon the Wise Man. He bowed down before him, and said
"Master, bless you. I have come to you to seek Enlightenment. Please will you accept me as your student?"

The Master frowned at him and answered: " Son, I can see that you are already only one step away from Enlightenment and need guidance. I will accept you only on one condition. You come to study with me alone. You cannot bring an animal with you. Come back without the dog and I will teach you."

The man stared at him in shock, then said "I am sorry. I cannot do that. This dog has been my faithful friend and companion for many years. He goes everywhere with me. If Enlightenment comes at such a price, then I do not want it."
He turned, whistled the dog and they both walked away starting to go back down the mountain. When he had only gone a few feet, he heard the Wise Man call to him....

"By your answer you have shown that you already have enlightenment and have no need of me. Go well, my son."

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by margypops, Jan 16, 2012
awww Love it Ginger ...Dogs are our friends..I think this must have been Buddist as I know they respect animals .

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by aheart, Feb 09, 2012
I like that! Thank you Ginger. There is an ASPCA commercial on medhelp today with a dog that looks just like your baby Ginger, have you seen it yet?

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