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22 weeks and update!

Jan 17, 2012 - 4 comments

22 weeks






2nd trimester


Back pain

Oh gosh it's been months since I've been on here consistently! I'm so much more pregnant now than I was during my last entry haha :)  

Things have been going infinitely better since the first trimester.  I feel really good for the most part.  It took several weeks into the 2nd trimester before I was no longer nauseous and regained my interest in food.  Recording my symptoms every day became somewhat disheartening...I just wanted to feel better after months of feeling awful.  

The happy news as of late is that we finally rounded the half way mark and celebrated it with our anatomy scan!  We're having a girl! And we're so thrilled! It will be the first girl in DH's family in TWO generations and SEVEN boys!  No one thought it was even possible :) The happiest news of all is that everything is looking healthy and normal with her development so far.  She looks just perfect and it was wonderful to get to spend an hour looking at her toes and fingers and nose :)

I started feeling her at 17 weeks — a couple of kicks one morning, but then nothing for a couple of days and then a few more.  Since 20 weeks her movements have been pretty consistent and in the past couple of days, they've gotten much stronger.  I can feel them easily with my hand on my tummy and so can Dave! It makes me tear up when I see him so excited about her little kicks...such a special experience to share together :)

My bump is definitely getting bigger now...I've really started showing this past week.  As a result my chronically troublesome back is suffering.  I've had disc problems since my early 20s and just the past day or two I've experienced sciatica for the first time down my left leg.  My OB has suggested I start physical therapy to deal with the discomfort, so we just have to make sure that our insurance will cover it before we proceed. I hear it's really helpful though.

I've also just enjoyed heart burn for the first time in my life...I think it's more like reflux burns in my throat and not really in my chest.  I had it twice over the weekend..especially during the night while lying down.  It improved somewhat when I propped my head up.  It's not the best, but I'd take this over morning sickness any day!

So now we're starting to get the nursery going.  We just bought paint and are trying to pick out furniture.  So fun! :)  And we're looking into pediatricians and birthing classes, so there's lots to look forward to in the 2nd half.  We just can't wait to meet her!  Every day that crawls by we get more and more excited!

Hope all you ladies are enjoying healthy and happy pregnancies so far!

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1742167 tn?1436471720
by heather727, Jan 17, 2012
Congrats!!  That's a BEAUTIFUL profile shot! :)

Enjoy the second half of your pregnancy.  This is the part you'll remember most and look back on.  (I keep telling myself that as I'm in the throws of 1st trimester evilness - it'll all be worth it in just a few short weeks!)

So glad to hear it's going well. :-D

1659605 tn?1326832547
by RobinB9, Jan 18, 2012
Thanks so much heather! Congrats on your BFP! I'm sorry you're in the midst of first trimester yuck :/ hope it doesn't get too bad and you move on quickly to nausea free days! :)

1742167 tn?1436471720
by heather727, Jan 18, 2012
I'll take the nausea!  After my m/c last year, it's nice to have the reassurance that my bean is sticking!  (But I'm still looking forward to those nausea free days... oh how nice it will be not to be repelled by all things edible! lol)

1530342 tn?1405016490
by MrsPincince, Jan 21, 2012
Awesome news girl!!....I've had heartburn since the day I found out I was pregnant..It's getting worse the further along I get but Tums is my new best friend so I'm't wait to see pics of the nursery:)

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