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MRSA genital infections

Jan 18, 2012 - 3 comments

I bring up MRSA often on the std forums when talking about testing that needs done. Reoccurring lesions in the genital area that are red and pus filled usually are not std related and ruling out MRSA is definitely a good idea due to the increasing incidence of infection with it in the community.  I'm going to keep looking for good links on it but here's a simple one to start that also has links after it for how to deal with MRSA infections in a home. They are contagious and special cleaning and laundering does need to be done.


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by waytogodave, Jan 26, 2012
Truer words have never been spoken! A doctor I saw for two strange bumps on my genitals initially said it looked bacterial but did not culture my bumps for HSV. He tested my blood antibodies for herpes and syphilis, which only came back positive for HSV1 (I get coldsores in my mouth and right side of my throat and have since I was a kid according to my Mom who also gets coldsores and has it in her right eye) and I was negative for HSV2 and syphilis. The doctor swore it was genital herpes and put me on Valtrex and I only got worse, after three weeks it advanced up my hips and up my right side to my armpit. I saw his physician assistant who said immediately this was not genital herpes. She did cultures on several spots and came back negative for herpes and the other doctor in their office immediately recognized it as a staph infection.

It took six months, an awesome dermatologist with 30+ years experience, multiple antibiotics, and a dark sense of humor to get over my staph infection. However, the experience can be scaring both mentally and physically if you're misdiagnosed with "this" when it is actually "that" just once since I now run to the doctor every time a couple of shaft papules look red or I have a spot of irritation irrationally thinking it's HSV.

In fact, you commented on a post I made on WebMD a couple of times when I was going through my HSV ordeal. You were a big help with every question I had going through all that I can't thank you enough for being such a good resource.

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by gracefromHHP, Jan 27, 2012
Great comments on this topic ( especially the parts about me being wonderful of course...he he he ) !


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by gracefromHHP, Mar 20, 2013

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