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My Feel Great Foods

Jan 21, 2012 - 0 comments

Feel great.


Great food





I start my day with my homemade chai for that special lift while I have my a.m. devotions,prayer & inspirational readings before everyone else gets up. Ahhh peace! Then I have my homemade fruit & veggie smoothie -gotta be delish as well as good for me, and finish up with a cinnamon-vanilla-nutmeg spiced oatmeal with walnuts & dried cranberries or 2x a week an egg on whole wheat toast. I'm stuffed till lunch but very energized!!
I'm losing weight but trying to bulk up some, for Interferon Tx. Dr.says I'll lose 20 lbs & I'm too skinny now.
(Gross, but I can't eat if I don't move my bowels, so I always try to take a glass of metamucil type fiber drink - very helpful in weight control!)

Food Diary pre Tx & During
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