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4dpo 18cd w/ vitamins FUNNY story

Jan 20, 2012 - 0 comments

Funny story. Last night the hubby came home from work and I was lying down on the bed and he laid nex to me and started to rub my belly like there is something there. I made a joke and said " rub the budda belly and make a wish" and than I laughed. So today I was talking to dh on the phone and was telling him a conversation i had with a mom at the school today about pregnancy, DH told me to be patient my time will come soon. So I asked him is that what he wished for last night when he rubbed my belly, and he started to chuckle. So I called it on him LOL...Its all to funny because he does not know any of  my suspensions, but I did tell him its almost been a year to the day since we tried and successfully got pregnant last year. Conceived the 29 Jan BFP Feb18... So time will tell and we will see...

BBs are sore(rght throbbing), cramps along the hips , very tired and jittery, sense of smell is really weird, out of no were I am smelling ammonia or like someone is getting a perm, and last night I could swear that my dogs when to the bathroom in there crates

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