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Jan 20, 2012 - 0 comments

It's Friday and I Excercised 3/5 days for 30minutes or more.  Really tired today, but exercised anyway.  Mixed it up and did the stationary bike.  Not sure if that is most suitable for me.  I am sweating, so it was a good work out, but I had to push myself to get it done.  Sat and Sun at the gym shouldn't be a problem.

Eating:  Not eating at the table--actually, most lunches at the table, 1 breakfast at the table and 1 dinner at the table so far.

3/5 days finished eating before 9:00 pm--

Resisted eating with April and when I made Bruce his dinner.   Yay!

Lots of salt last 2 days, so this week I need a concerted effort to eat less salt and less processed food.  April and I plan to cook this weekend together.  Maybe we can prepare food in advance.

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