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Sweet Progress

Jan 21, 2012 - 0 comments



Weight Loss



Lately... the scale has been stuck at 131 for quite  a while. I've been sick frequently this winter so I haven't been sticking with a consistent exercise plan yet I've been watching what I eat.  Needless to say, after stepping on the scale to see no progress, today I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the scale drop to 129.5. I love seeing progress on the scale, but I know that the scale isn't the only measurement of progress.  I know that  I'm making better choices on what I eat and how much of it I eat.  That is another form of progress to me.  I'm also learning to listen to my body more and I try to stop eating when I first feel full instead of eating until I'm stuffed. This form of discipline is another way that I've been progressing in my decision to live a more healthy lifestyle.  Spring is a motivator for me to continue making good healthy choices during the winter.  I want to look good in shorts and my summer dresses this year.   I think that will happen.  I'm on the right track. Just have to keep sticking with daily progress.

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