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just venting.....

Oct 14, 2008 - 3 comments


I am soo frustrated with the health syestem im a young healthy 21 year old female and ive just been diagnosed with Intercranial Hypertension aka Pseudo Tumor Cerbi,(Ive been told ive completely broken the mold considering im young and thin) and the horrible headaches along with the nausea the double vision is enough to drive me crazy. Ive been put on the highest amount of Diamox to keep the cerebal spinal fluid down and it does help with the pressure but ive just been told i will have to get a shunt put in my spine which blows my mind conserding i have spondlolysthesis spina biffda oculta and degenerating discs(guess i dont sound so healthy after all but iam high fuctioning with the back problems) at least i dont have to shave my head which i would have had to if they decided on the brain instead of the spine to be shunted...for me a young woman having to shave my head would have been torture!!!l Anyway back to the system and i am not by any means dissing all healthcare workers some are just angels on earth but to some doctors and nurses you are just a problem that needs to be fixed hellloo im a person here going through some rough **** im not asking for sympathy but acknowledging the fact that i am human would be nice. And when you work at a doctors office and its your JOB to make phone calls and call in prescriptions please do so I felt like complete **** today and dragged my *** out of bed to see my neruologist and when i get there im told my appt has been canceled and they tried to call me ********! and my prescriptions for nausea and pain were suppose to be filled today and it took my sister 30 mins to finally get someone with enough brain cells to get another doctor from the office to look at my file and call in my medications. Like i said i have encountred many truly caring wonderful people over the years in the healthcare system but my advice to alll people in the medical proffesion is to please remeber you have to like PEOPLE to do this job and doctors please remeber that the most important thing you can give your patient is TRUST, our lives are in your hands that takes courage from us vaule our courageousness and put in the effort to make me trust you.

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260586 tn?1285022352
by Grammy7, Oct 14, 2008
You are so incredibly right on!  I cannot stand the way the healthcare system works today.  In fact, it doesn't work!  I have to get all of my own records, I have to call the insurance company, the doctor, the insurance company again, and then the doctor etc....just to get one prescription filled properly even though I've been on the same prescription for 7 years.  What is medicine coming too?  I take Lasix 40 mg one day, and 60 mg the next day.  This is repeated all month long, yet when I asked for a refill this last tim, some idiot called in two pills every other day.  I had to pay 25.00 for that script and now I have to get another script and pay for it again.  This has happened to me 4 times in two months and the pharmacy (express scripts) says it is changing it's web site and they are calling doctors for scripts and getting idiots to tell them what I am taking.  I have had it.  Not to mention that everytime I get a diagnosis, another doctor tells me I don't have that, and they diagnose something else, and this goes on and on.  I have about 12 specialists, all of whom disagree with each other.  I have a biopsy that one doctor says cancer, one doctor says 5o/50/chance of cancer and the third doctor says no cancer.  What the hell are we suppose to believe and why did anyone ever think that doctors are always right.  God HELP US.  Whatever the cause, it heeds to be fixed.  Each and every one of my specialists has found a problem in my one body, but none of them think their dianosis is causing my body's problem.  Don't they know that this one body is all connected?  Does anyone else have anything to vent on this?  Sometimes I think I'm going to go ballistic in a doctor's office. And, talk about being condescending!  No where are you treated as less than human than you are in some doctor's offices or by some (most) doctors. I think they just want to blame the patient for being sick because they don't know what to do.  I don't care if I made myself sick. Their job is to help find out what's wrong with me and if they can't why don't they have the dignity to say that, instead of telling me I need a psychiatrist.  My psychriatris is one of the only doctors who knows I am really sick and he does blood tests.  He is trying to diagnose me because he can see my rashes, edema, my struggle with pain, and he can't believe I'm not suicidal.  Where did this breed of doctors come from and how can we let them know we are not going to stand for it anymore!?  Any ideas?  As you can see, I am angry.  I guess that is better than being depressed.  I am severely anemic right now and 3 of my doctors keep telling me to go see another doctor. I finally found one that will see me but he is on vacation for 3 weeks, then he's fully booked after that.  My hemoglobin is 10, my heart is racing, I have cramping in my legs and chest pain and my 02 levels keep dropping when I walk.  But, it's always someone else's case.........!  If you have had similar experiences, please tell me about it. At least I won't feel completely alone in this.  

650913 tn?1224283369
by Sam334, Oct 17, 2008
I cant believe that your doctors cant agree on if your biopsy is cancerous or not that must be so scary and frustrating. I think that the medical system went downhill when they started making "specialists" because your right the body is all connected sometimes i wish i could find a doctor that would take the time to look at ALL of me. To one doctor im just a brain to the other im just a back helloooo they are working together my friend did either one of yall stop to think that maybe they have something to do with each other? i think that all doctors need to sit down and watch the movie Patch Adams. Dont you hate when the doctor cant find the problem so he just says you must be crazy or you have a low pain threshold YEAH RIGHT... let me tell you something all of my back problems started around when i hit puberty i was 15( when my body was growing) well the first doctor i went to found some problems with my back but said that they shouldnt be causing me so much pain and that all i wanted was the drugs first of all you pompous jerk i was 15!!!, i didnt know what a lortab was and you prescribed them to me hello and then  he had the nerve to say he talked to my psychiatrist and said that the psychs evaulations prove his theory my mother called my psychiatrist and he said he never talked to this man so i went to another doctor who then found all of these other problems that the first doctor must have over looked and said i had every right to be in pain i cried i was so happy this doctor had me thinking i was a drug addict when i was just a baby well my mother threaten to sue and wrote a letter and the doctor i see now is in the same office as my old one and to this day he still cant look me or my mother in the eye.

739536 tn?1265672959
by Mage1970, Jan 18, 2009
I don't find Doctors a problem and I'll tell you my secret. When a Dr introduces him/her self to you listen for their christen/first name , and as soon as they start calling you by your first name you do the same . There now your on a first name basis you must be equals ! Next - Once they pronounce a diagnosis and have explained exactly what this means ( yeah right !!! ) The first question you ask is " And there's no differential dignosis ? " After they pick their jaw off the floor and say " ummmm " " aaaarrrrrr " a couple of times , usually they'll talk it all out with you . No the thing to remember about Dr's is that they spent 8yrs at University and learnt bugger all about human interaction because they spent all their time studying alone !!!!!! Now nurses are ANGELS on earth , overworked , underpaid , underappreciated , worst job  in the world but THEY do it . I've benn in bed with a migraine can't open my eyes had to use a bedpan had to have a nurse wipe my *** , ANGELS and I won;t hear a bad word said about them collectively , ANGELS ! Now Retards, no Interds, ah , Interns I knew I'd get it right the the first time ?!!! Interns , wanna be Drs , who don't really know what their doing , but pretend they do 1. to try and impress you that you don't think that they are actually trying to kill you that you notice them enough that when the doctors are doing rounds you might mention them by name get you to like them enough so that when they make a HUGE mistake that costs you time/money/whatever you will forgive them . DON'T ! Interns are nothing but couriers. They carry information between you and your Dr and you and the SYSTEM , be it blood test results or ordering an MRI , couriers working their way through Medical School where they will spend 8yrs learning bugger all and spend the rest of their lives being bitter about it and taking it out on patients , who if they aren't smart enough to ask for a " differential dianosis " will probably end up being diagnosed by the intern , who is trying to kill you but doesn't know it . If it wasn't for the fact that 1 in every 100 interns becomes a half competent Dr I'd have them all taken out and shot , the day after their exams , may as well torture them first . SPECIALISTS : people who spend 8yrs at Medical School ( learning bugger all ) then spend a further 4-6yrs learn not as much as you think about a particular part of the body . This also entitles them to 1.put letters after their names and charge extortion 2.cancel your appointment without warning ( we did try to call you ! ) unavailable for weeks/months at a time 4.only at the hospital 1 day a week 5.easier to find at the bar of the golf course on Thursday afternoon !
And the thing about all this is that its the same here in Australia as it is in the U.S. and I've heard England as well - they all use the same basic method of teaching and the same text books. So do we blame the Drs or do we blame their teachers - who were previously Drs but are now called PROFESSORS : Drs who teach other Drs how to be Drs 1.Thus having lots of letters after their names usually in 4 letter groupings e.g.- been dare done that G.P. 2.More letters bigger the bill 3.Is never introduced to the patient , just appears is read the case history while stroking their chin in a sagely manner before walking to the door and making some small talk with the Dr ( usually golf stories or rating nurses ***** ) Thus making the Dr look hugely important and giving veracity to anything the Dr says next .
If I had my way the Professors would be standing behind the Interns when we put them all up against a wall - and they're Drs so no last cigarettes !!!!!
O.K. I've had my whinge whos next !!!!!! Mage1970

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