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Jan 22, 2012 - 5 comments

Hi all!!! I just had to pop in to say Hello!!!  Paris is very exciting!! So far we’ve had lunch at the Le Jules Verne restaurant located in the Eiffel Tower, what an awesome view of the city. DH is just so romantic and yes I want to have his baby LOL. We’ve also had the opportunity to visit the, Arc de Triomphe, Palace of Versailles and the Notre Dame Cathedral. Today we plan to visit the LOUVRE and go for a Seine river cruise. I’m really not enjoying some of the food! First off, I still have nausea and appetite aversion so a lot of things don’t sound good. You have to be really careful w/ what you order. DH ordered a sausage that turned out to be intestines!!! Poor DH became sick when he looked up Andouillette sausage He He! Well our stay in Paris concludes tomorrow. Tuesday we take the Eurostar Chunnel to London.

I have tried my best to put all worries aside and enjoy this awesome getaway DH planned for us. As I said before, I am still nauseous, very fatigue, and my boobs are still tender. Not to mention the first thing I locate when we go out is the ladies room.  The spotting/bleeding has been missing in action  four days now. I am so praying that all these symptoms mean that baby is ok. My next U/S is scheduled for 1/31/2012 :)

I am thinking of you ladies while away and praying for all of you :) I can't thank everyone enough for your notes, messages, encouraging words and prayers. You are truly appreciated!! ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE IF YOU BELIEVE.... Mark 9:23 :)

Bonne journee :-)

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1045917 tn?1376598210
by nichumangel, Jan 22, 2012
Well everything seems to be as it should be!! YOu are actually on the same time zone I am on!  So Paris huh? The most romantic city in the world!!  And what a wonderful thing to tell your little one in a few years, that he was in Paris way back when!  hehe Best of luck my dear!  Hugs xoxo

1386765 tn?1451167937
by pb95, Jan 22, 2012
Paris - je t'aime!  What a great way to help take your mind off of things!  Glad to hear you are enjoying!  

334926 tn?1436815123
by butterflybabies, Jan 22, 2012
You made me quesy with your food description lol. I'm so glad to hear the spotting stopped. Can't wait for your next u/s!

1293683 tn?1334022810
by tones99, Jan 22, 2012
I am so glad that you are away on your special trip .. and that you're having such a wonderful time .. I think travel is such a good antedote to anything that is going on .. and the time will then fly by until your next u/s .. I'm so glad that you are having all those yucky symptoms .. I don't wish anyone to be sick but this is for a good cause!

296076 tn?1371338074
by melimeli, Jan 23, 2012
we are still praying for you too!!!  I can't wait for your u/s... enjoy your awesome trip!!!

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