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Jan 24, 2012 - 1 comments

What fun.

Just wanted to share this with the few of you who will remember me, since it's been such a long time.  Anyone who doesn't know: Nancy is my wife of 27 months; Tim is her youngest son, age 16.  Despite clear and dry main roads, she asked me to take her Jeep Saturday night while she baked brownies for a church event.  Tim had told her that his friend's driveway had yet to be plowed.  All I can say is, good thing I was in the Jeep.
From: PastorDan
Sent: Sunday, January 22, 2012 1:34 AM
Subject: I'm okay.

Nancy's Jeep is history, but 7 hours after the fact, I am home, battered & bruised, but very thankful.  Those in the other vehicle fared worse.

More later.  Shalom.
From: revsheryl
To: PastorDan
Sent: Sun, Jan 22, 2012 8:03 am
Subject: Re: I'm okay.
Oh no - what happened? I am glad you are ok - this does not sound like a picnic, though...
Sent sometime before church on Sunday morning:

I was heading south on 98 to pick Tim up at a friend's last night, a bit after 6:30.  Approaching 529, I saw a car heading eastbound.  I expected them to slow and eventually stop for the stop sign at 98, but I actually think they sped up, as if they were trying to beat me.

As soon as I realized they weren't stopping, I lifted my foot from the accelerator, but before I could touch the brake we made impact.  I think their left front hit my right front.

They were in a little white car, perhaps a Ford Escort.  They spun me counterclockwise, but I am not sure if I went around once or twice.  Anyway, I landed hard in a field; they landed way farther out in the same field, in the southeast quadrant of the intersection.  I was doing 50 to 55; I'm not certain, but would guess that they were going at least that fast, and perhaps quite a bit faster.

The smell from the air bag discharge surprised me; I thought the car was on fire at first, and the driver's door would only open a couple of inches.  I found my phone and called 911, then called Nancy.  Eventually the smoke smell dissipated, and a little bit after that, one of the passersby yanked the door open so I could get out.

There were numerous people around the other car, moving pretty frantically.  Once I was out of the Jeep, I could hear screaming and wailing.  Eventually, there were at least 5, perhaps 7, OHP cars and two Sheriff's cruisers, two or three ambulances, and a rescue engine.  One of the guys in the other car was taken by helicopter to Columbus.  The other person was taken by squad to Marion General, but then shipped to Columbus.  So far, we've been unable to get much information about them.

Nancy asked our friend Kelly to come to the scene to get my keys so she could come down there herself.  (Tim was at their house; their son Austin is one of his best friends.)  Eventually, Nancy and I decided that she should take me to ER for a good checkout.  I did feel pains in various places, but after seeing myself in the light inside the back of one of the squads, I didn't feel a squad was necessary to get me just a few miles over to MGH.

I have a little bit of a scrape between my eyebrows.  My breastbone hurts quite a bit, depending on position and exertion.  Multiple bruises are now appearing all over.  My left knee is swollen, but not as badly this morning as last night.  However, numerous unattractive colors are spreading out on the inside face of it.  The right knee has a dandy scrape on the outside of it, extending partly onto the shin.  I was told I have a seatbelt mark on my lower abdomen, but I haven't looked at that yet.

We got home well past midnight.  Our friend Jeff G will preach for us this morning.

We are sooooo very thankful that this wasn't far worse, that so many began praying for us right away (and do anyway!), and that He has given us peace throughout the ordeal.  We pray that the occupants of the other car are okay, and that everyone is made as whole as possible with regard to insurance, vehicle replacement, etc.

More later.  Shalom.
Written Monday evening:

Swelling in knee has lessened, sternum is less sore, no lasting issues as far as I can see.  Thanks for asking.

The people in the other car are another story.  23-year-old driver CMN Jr., from MG, is still in ICU at OSU Hospitals (this is from a good source, who probably shouldn’t have shared this information with me).  Both of his legs were crushed, with multiple breaks in each bone.  I was told that they had to “knock him out” while trying to cut him from the car, because his pain-induced screaming and writhing made extrication much more difficult.  His passenger, 20-year-old CPM, of F (south of MG, near M) has taken a turn for the worse due to what is believed to be injury to his liver.  He is in ICU at Grant Hospital.  Both are reportedly still listed in “Serious” condition.

Another source said that they were driving with the seats (at least partially) reclined.  According to that source, the pedals were smashed down on top of the driver’s legs, because he slid beneath the seat belt on impact, and his feet went below the pedals.
I've also been told that a witness who had been behind the other car said that they never touched the brake.

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by jensequitur, Jan 24, 2012
Oh, how horrible!  I'm glad you're better, but I'm worried about the folks in the other vehicle.  They seem to have made some advances in terms of auto safety, but you can't protect against stupid.

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