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To labour or not to labour... That is the question!!!

Jan 25, 2012 - 2 comments






Rightio all. Today Wednesday 25th January 2012 at 7:12pm. I think, and thats a massive think im in early stages of labour.
My baby has ALWAYS been really active, The last 2-3 days she has quietened down imensaly but still 10+ so was no need to panic, Have been doing loads of loooooooong walks the past week, eating pineapple, drinking raspberry tea and having spicy food.
Last night i hardly slept (which at the mo isn't uncommon!) but since i got up (around 9am) she has been going crazy like having a dance competion in my belly, Normally this happens between 6 and 9pm and lasts about half an hour to an hour then goes of, but today ALL DAY, its going on 10 and a half hours now and still no signs of letting up.
I've been incredibily uncomfy today and what ever im doing isn't reliving it. Even having a bath which i love, i was in it all of 20 mins and had to get out!, since last night i've had increased indegestion and for the last 5 hours or so have felt quite nausiated.
Braxton Hicks are roughly around 10 - 40 mins apart but i don't think there going to turn into the real thing just yet.
I've googled and have seen alot of people have had increaed movements at the begining and not everyone has a 'show' before things start to happen so this is what makes me think.
My back is terribly tender and with every 'contration' i get an increased ache and like a 'shock' down below but not enough i don't think to call the midwife.

Not entirlly sure what i feel like, just uncomfy and abit crappy really. Proper fed up as it doen't seem to be stopping nor getting worse. I just know im going to be one of these people who labour for like 4 days or something!!!!

Will keep you all posted.... x

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by baby2929, Jan 25, 2012
What your describing ive been having for weeks on and off, and its always been nothing. Im no proffesional though so if ever in doubt then call your midwife. I would say however keep an eye on any tightenings you get and Im sure if its more than 6 in an hour your supposed to call your midwife for advice at least. I think it may be practice for your uterus more than anything else, but keep an eye on it and good luck if you dont get chance to update and really are in labour. x :)

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by JessWishes2, Jan 26, 2012
Hmmm well nothing changed all day and night, still getting tightnings well into the early hours, finally managed to get some sleep around 3am! woke up this morning and all is still, just general movements so it was not ment to be, i was sure i would have woke up in a puddle or something!! lol.
Never mind, going for another walk today and hopefully will be able to manage until next friday when i have midwife appointment, then i'll mention having a sweep or something.... xx

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