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Week 20 Nearing an end 1/27/2012

Jan 27, 2012 - 0 comments

Blood Pressure







Week 20 nearing an end.   Had EDG done today , no finding of any other problems with esophagus or hietal hernia.   Scheduling me for gall bladder scan in a couple of days.    Doc GI, thinks its all involved with chemo SX

Still not energy had blood pressure med changes this week.  They took me off an ace inhibitor , thinking it was related to an ace cough.     Also starting take Zopran for nausea today and is helping with cough and nausea and vomiting.     4 weeks to go,   Thats what I keep telling myself this..... I dont think I could do 48.    God surely must of known what was up from the beginning.   :)       Love to all.     See ya on week 21 Sunday nite xoxoxo

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