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How am I now?

Jan 27, 2012 - 0 comments


I have decided to right another journal of how I am right now.
Well for the past couple of months I was missing a few tablets Here and there, and am now realized its made a big impact on how I have been feeling. Alot of my symptoms have been coming back not to good and I think my disease may be creeping up a bit. I feel terrible for letting myself not take my tablets all the time.
Though at the time all I think about when I have to take my tablets of how sick I feel when I take them, so then I don't take them. Having a bit of depression come back which tops it off and makes it hard to put up with the little problems and all the symptoms. Also lost my appetite and having been eating enough lately. But on the bright side I'm still alive and breathing :) so now I've learnt my lesson and going to try to stay on top of it all and be strict with my health.

Anyone with lupus you can talk to me if you want.
I would love to help you. X

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