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Measurements in inches and Fat

Jan 29, 2012 - 0 comments

Body fat index  --- 28%   No longer obese.   Exercising for three weeks
Objective:   I will lose  4% of my BMI by March 23
Weight 170.6  Objective:  I will weigh 160 lbs by March 23
Waist 36, Neck 13.1  Wrist.6.5   Bust 42"  Hips 42"  Calf 16"  Ankle:  10.5 inches, Upper thigh 25.5 inches
Objectives:  Exercise five days a week; No snacking after 8:00; Reduce sugar intake to 60 grams daily or less
Will take picture in a bathing suit next week;  will weight myself next Sun a.m. and measure self.

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