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Jan 29, 2012 - 0 comments



Breathing difficulties




Acid reflux


silent acid reflux

As i joined this site. I was enlightened with what i am suffering this days. i thought its just me, to my surprise its not just me. and this community is helping me a lot to surpass my delimma everyday.
At first i was thinking that i am having  GERD and was even diagnosed that i had ASTHMA. i also heard COPD..and it is realy scarry however i am trying my best to relax and deal with it, find a way for any cure available in the market. another problem i am encountering is i cannot agree with what i read about the symptoms of GERD, ASTHMA OR COPD. This made me searched more in this site and luckily i found the LARYNGOSPASM community. i read and read all the comments shared by the members and wow..we all have the same symptoms. too bad some have it for more than 30years... i am saddened for i know how they feel when they are under attacked of it. Lack of air coming inside, itchy dry laryngs, and sometimes panicking.

January 11,2012, 8am..while seggragating my coloured laundry from white..i cough once (although i dont have cough that time) and to my surprise when i inhaled i couldnt breath air is coming inside...i sister also panicked and shouting calling for her brother rushed in and tried to calm me and tap my back. i burped loudly and i was relieved. thinking that it was maybe due to the dust..i took plenty of water. 2 days after i had another attacked, around 2am, i was in a deep sleep.. side position and boom!..another itchy dry throat and i coughed then couldnt breath in again. my brother who sleep in the other room next to mine rushed in and tap my back again.. i burped and relieved.
This made me as well as my family worried. i waited for few more days to study what was happening before and after.. until i seek medical opinion to an INTERNIST. I explained the symptoms etc and she told me to take a heart test. and xray. since its late i just took the heart test and the result was good. NORMAL. my wwight is normal. my lungs doesnt sound any abnormalities, as the doctor said. but to be sure she wants me to take an XRAY, AP. she also gave me anti- asthma medications and saretedine puff..2x a day. upon taking all the meds..for a week. i still have the attack usually 2 or 3 days after. so i decided to seek answers in the internet and i landed in a very reliable online community where everyone can share there symptoms that helped millions around the world.
I even read about PRANAYAM, a nostril yoga. which i did last January 28..and whooolah!! i had attacked but i can breath..just breathing in from my nose and with a closed really helped. ;-)
I will see a doctor today ENT to be help me deal with this delimma of mine. hoping to get good medications. just waiting for my sister to call me for confirmation that the doctor can see me today hehehe

to all the members and expert in this website..KUDOS to u all...thank u for taking the time to share your expiriences that is saving thousand of lives around the world.


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