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Speck's histeria

Jan 29, 2012 - 0 comments







horse training

this morning my sister and me went out to the barn to try to get some riding time in. she cleaned the foam out of the pasture from the people taking the metal off the roof of the very rundown shelter in the paddock i put the blanket on her. so i really didnt want to chance try to actually ride her. so i got speck all saddled up and go out the pen. i forgot to tighten the saddle and i started trotting him, and walked him again. he stoped and acted really nervous. i realized his saddle was under him i manage to calm him a bit, then i managed to untie the saddle. he grazed for a min. i put the pad back on him back and he takes off. now i have to  de-sensitize him to the saddle, and the pad. but i managed to "desensitize him to the area of the pen he freaked out at. but on the upper hand i taught speck the command for his trot. it is actually the one known for the canter, but he responded better to the kissing then the clicking. yesterday he got a big lesson in showmanship, and respect. he wouldn't do anything I wanted him to on his back so i worked him good.

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