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it's been a while

Jan 30, 2012 - 0 comments







hurting self

it's been a while since i got a chance to write, but here it is; things go worse.

i found out that i probably have coon cancer or something like that, and i'm scared, adn my aunt had a terrible accident and i had to be her nurse (still am) but when it gets down to it, i got stress added ten times as much as it was before. my blood pressure went up since last year. that's not good. and i'm losing weight without needing too. i hope to god that the doctors find something but at teh same time i hope they don't find somethin serious, the colonosocpy is on thursday (jan 2) and i'm terrified of.

i think the depression got worse, adn i don't know who to talk to around me, my friends are dealing with things of their own and i don't want to burden them and my parents are in teh middle of moving and they don't need the stress... and the people around here are so judgmental about people like me, so i KNOW that if i try to talk to anyone around here they'll makeit worse than it alreay is.....
thanks for reading this, is you do...

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