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ADHD help..

Jan 30, 2012 - 2 comments

Hey, my name is Derrick.. a 16 year old Freshman in High-school... I'm very aggravated at this moment and need help on some decision... I'm have been diagnosed with ADHD since birth.. when I was little, I used to be the worst kid ever... I was alwey hyper, never paid attention... and I was alwey in truble... as I got to 5th grade my psychiatrist prescribed me Concerta... and I did very well.. I started to get A's and B's in school, no phone calls were given to my mom.. and it was all going well...but today.. January 30, 2012.. my Medicaid all of a sudden don't want to pay for my prescribed medicine... the worst part is that I'm sceared of not Bioengineering on medication, because I start acting dumb, I act childish... and another thing I noticed is that it drains my my energy.. I can't practice after school football cus I get real lazy.. and I'm afraid that other will jeopardizes my chance to be moved to my ragular grade, and that I wont get my football eford all out, wich would lead me to get a scholarship.... is there any other medication I can use to treat my ADHD... I beg for help... Please help me!!!!

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by bev72, Jan 30, 2012
If Medicaid will not pay for Concerta... they may pay for an alternate medication designed to help ADHD. The government is really controlling ADHD medication these days and has been limiting which medications can be prescribed. Don't get frustrated. You and your parents need to talk to your doctor about what other prescriptions are available. Your doctor can also make suggestions about different activities or eating habits that could help you as well.

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by XxsevenxX77, Jan 30, 2012
Thank you so much!!

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