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Hear ye Hear ye

Oct 15, 2008 - 0 comments

I have been feeling a ton better these days....not sure why. Life and the stresses of it suck ham sammiches big time. But I have more faith that it will get better I suppose. My Xyrem that I take for narcolepsy makes me feel like I love the world and all who is in it and that the world is sick of me yapping though...or at least Sean is. I talk too much and bring up things I shouldn't. But I feel much more gutsy to discuss crazy thoughts and feelings in this ol head of mine after I take it. Leave it to me to open old cans of worms that stink like rotten poo. I'm a peach and I know this. Sean knows this too, he just refuses to admit it. He wants to marry me too...he just refuses to admit that also... (~*~*the faery makes a grouchy face here~*~)

I am still going to counseling but can only be seen once a month (due to her being so busy), which is doing me absolutely no good whatsoever....the women has to re-hash my whole story each time because she doesn't remember from the last time, who I even am. Then the last 15 minutes she tells me I am lucky I am still alive or not in jail. same story, same responses, I am getting bored.

Well thats all about my life right now...I hope you are all well.....


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