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Frustrated and scared...

Jan 31, 2012 - 1 comments


It's been 18 months since I've been unable to work. I don't know what's more illness or the Drs.  I still have not been diagnosed with anything having the worst specialist and a lack of belief in my illness. I have extreme swelling in my knees, ankles, left wrist..and a band of painful swelling around my thigh and upper and lower arm muscles. I also have most of MS symptom including the Hug. I am in constant pain...sometimes excruciating...

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by Angela1956, Jan 31, 2012
I'm new to medhelp...and I've been reading some of the fellow sufferers blogs and my heart hurts for you all...and I feel a kinship because of that! I live in Kelowna, BC...and finally have an appointment with a Neurologist in June in Vancouver. My new GP has requested for a pile of rule out and in some major illnesses. This one in June will be for ALS...even though I don't believe I have that, it still frightens me. I will also have an MRI for MS... symptoms are as follows...
-Difficulties walking, I use elbow crutches.
-Extreme pain and stiffness whenever I get up any time.
-Sensitive to touch and numbness and tingling and swelling.
-Feeling like electrical currant running thru me
-Lotsa headaches, blurry vision @ times
-Fatigue, hard focus, concentrate and I forget more than normal.
        ~would love to hear from someone~

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