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2/1/2012 Wednesday Week 21

Feb 01, 2012 - 4 comments

week 21






Gall Stones

Still feeling like a slug-go, but at least have some valid reason beside tx sx .    Got result back from GI,   He is recommending me have my gall bladder removed.    This is surely the news I did want to hear and at least I will have some peace knowing that the problem was there for a while and wasn't sure what it was.   Thank God for Medical Science.     3 more weeks to go and then that it.   All CBC Blood and liver panel came back today great as well.    NP thinks there is not going to be any problem with me having gall bladder taken out during tx.   Will Probably make me feel a whole lot better in the end.    I guess reality is getting a little surreal for me.   As I was speaking to Bridgette today , I asked the "what if" Question, which I already knew the answer to, and that was, "What if my VL comes back at week 24, and then of course she said, " well, then your done , until new meds come out".   So a little sad over that, but still have FAITH knowing I have kicked the crap out of this beast and there is no looking back.   Just got to keep my mind on the right track and make sure my inner self cooperates.   What ever that means, but it has worked so far.   Thank God, He is soooo Good !

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by Gerbils, Feb 02, 2012
I know you are in pain and I am sorry for that; with all of the other sides it is just a bear. I think it is great though that they can take care of the problem and do the surgery while you are treating. I don't know how much down time there is for recovery from that surgery but honestly I couldn't do much toward the end of my tx anyway. And you're right. You'll feel that much better, faster! You are getting close! It's exciting! You are in my prayers...

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by screaming48, Feb 02, 2012
I hope you get to feeling so much better soon, I am sure the gall bladder coming out will help that alot...stay strong you are almost there...anne

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by orphanedhawk, Feb 02, 2012
Hey, I just want to let you know when I had my live liver transplant they removed both my and my daughter's gall bladder.
In April it will be 3 years and we do just fine without one. You will too.

Just want to assure you that you'll be fine:)

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by orphanedhawk, Feb 05, 2012
Sorry if I posted in the wrong place~ blame it on brainfog.

There is a benefit to doing tx even if you relapse. For most people during tx, your liver condition improves.
One friend went from stage 3 to stage 1 in her 48 week tx.
The point is all is not for naught but hopefully you will be SVR!

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