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L'Hermittes Sign is gooooone!

Feb 04, 2012 - 8 comments

All gone today, yeh.

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by jujuminx, Feb 03, 2012
Oh yeah!!!!!   Remember when your symtoms are at their worst, they can, and often do go away.  Congrats!


1734735 tn?1413778071
by tingletingle, Feb 04, 2012
Thanks Julie,

Whatever the reason for the ceasation of the symptom since 25 September I am truly grateful to Him. Of course since I have started my low saturated fat diet that is high in Omega 3 my elevated liver function has returned to normal, my MS hug has relaxed, I've lost about 5 kilograms in weight and now my L'hermittes is but a memory.

1734735 tn?1413778071
by tingletingle, Feb 16, 2012
Oh poo! The L'Hermittes is back this morning.

1689801 tn?1333983316
by Dagun, Feb 16, 2012
I´m sorry Alex about that and the brain fog. Now you just have to get better again, okay... no problemo?

My best,

1734735 tn?1413778071
by tingletingle, Feb 16, 2012
I like your advice Dagun very much... no problemo! Life is so simple now with MS taking one day at a time and simply focussing on being well... no problemo. Can do, will do, but of course it is all up to Him.

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by tingletingle, Mar 29, 2012
A great day today. My L'hermittes and MS Hug are now gone again. The numbness and tingling has also gone from my left arm. I still feel the numbness and tingling from my chest to toes, and it is more prounounced from just above knee to toes but all in all the symptoms are the most mild since I have started. I couldn't stop touching my stomach last night to keep confirming the hug has left me. I have only just discovered that MS normally only affects one side of the body but for me it has always been both sides

It has been a great week since Monday. I have had a spring in my step for a few days. I am a little heavier in walking the last couple. The cognitive issues and fatigue seems to have gone too.

Anyway, fingers crossed. I understand everything can and does change daily, hourly so I am not going to make any predictions or hold the unrealistic expectations causing me so much grief at time that I will remain well. As Doris Day says Kay sera sera.

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by emilyann79, Apr 04, 2012
has your neuro given you a steroid treatment? when i was first diagnosed with ms two years ago the main thing that started me seeing doctors was the lhermittes.. it was severely intense and I had it for six months before a pain specialist finally recognized it and sent me to a neuro. He gave me a three day iv steroid treatment before I was even diagnosed and it was instantly gone! I couldn't even remember what life was like without it until then. It has come back, along with other symptoms, a few times, but the steroids always do the trick. I hope this helps!

1734735 tn?1413778071
by tingletingle, Apr 04, 2012
Hi Emily
Yes, had 5 days of IV steroid in hospital last May when it all started. I was offered it again on subsequent relapses but declined as I didn't like it.

I'm up to day 11 of extreme wellness and loving life. I am hoping my program of diet, exercise, meditation is finally kicking in. Only time will tell. Today is my 11 month anniversary of developing MS and I've never felt better.

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