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Feb 04, 2012 - 2 comments

I wish I had someone I could talk too...  Someone to trust that I could tell everything too!  But I don't:(. So I'll suffer in silence!

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by specialmom, Feb 04, 2012
Oh, I am sorry you are feeling alone.  I wish I knew how to help.  Sometimes revealing ourselves to others is the biggest hurdle to get over.  Once we do that and 'expose' ourselves for real, healing can start to happen.  I don't know if that applies to you-----  but it is often the case.  I'll pray that someone comes forward in your life that you will feel safe enough to let 'in' and tell everything to.  Peace

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by HamedKhatiz, Feb 04, 2012
Good morning or evening or day or night or afternoon and hello. Obviously you are feeling alone and sometimes that happens, but it shouldn't take long afterwards to realise people are really there for you. I am telling you know, the hardest part is saying the first word to someone you want to talk to.

I lost my friend in August and ever since then I talked to everyone about it. Friends, family, personal trainer, teachers, the website people, the school counsellor and more. All people I thought I would overload with my concerns, people I did not think could help me. I said the first word and they gave me all this advice and reassurance and support and love I did not originally see coming at all.

It's not quite over yet, but those people have helped me so much during this journey to realise I am an amazing person, I am who I am, she is who she is and I need to remember that. If I did not get their help, I would still be here in this bed, not talking to you, but wondering about what it is about me and perhaps even considering the worst.

No situation is survivable without potential help and support, so if you have survived you know you are never alone.

Trust me, you will not suffer in silence. There are people who love and are willing to help you through your journey and it is that. A journey

Hamed Khatiz

P.S. Sorry if I went on a little bit.

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