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Refills/Medication Update

Dec 31, 2011 - 0 comments










I have lost my health benefits through my work, (they have dropped my from full time to part time with some shaddy reasoning that I was not suppose to be hired at full time)  So I've had to cancel my neurologist appointments.  Furthermore, when I called to have my treximet refilled, it was not in my record that I am back on that medication.  But I had my primary care call it in instead.  But without insurance its about $240, I cant afford it if my life depended on it...and it does!

Also, after being bat-**** insane for far too long, I decided that I need to go back on my fluoxetine.  My OCD and general anxiety is just out of control with out it, and I can feel my depression creeping up on me.

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