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Patm - where i stand it.

Feb 06, 2012 - 0 comments








I suffer PATM.. I'm not now looking for answers or thoughts on any outside cause (i believe this is entirely social) although statistics of facts on people suffering with this interest me.

I'm looking to improve myself daily 100% (that is, my confidence, anxiety, thought processes and being 'in the present' not in my own head so much, my participation in society) and looking for a community suffering the same 'patm', so i don't get these 'sniffs, cough, sneeze  choke' reactions from people.
I enjoy in my spare time some yoga, exercise, writing, cooking, psychology, philosophy, literature, psychopharmacology, nice bars and pubs; and travelling.

Hope i will to get to know some of you! Please PM  if you believe this is 'social coughing' and related to the first glance appearance of sufferers. PM if you think these are more irritations, not allergies. Thanks.
There's a twitter community i can provide details of with people who share the same thoughts, the severe suffering, and anxiety related to people constantly reacting to them.

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