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Feb 07, 2012 - 3 comments

Started BC on the 6th.  My RE has approved for me to go back on meds on the 15th. YEAHHHHHHHH.
Meeting with new OB/GYN tomorrow....  Said to DH, "I thought he OB was cute."  Now he wants to go to my appointment with me... LOL.
I still think he's cute....
New OB/GYN covers 1st month ultasounds and blood work through insurance.... Cha -ching
Acupuncturist/Chiropractor twice a week now.  I still don't believe my insurance is covering it.
DH is having prostate removed on 20th... OUCH... He's so brave...
Had his pre op today.
They placed a camera in his P****S, OUCH.. At least they numbed it..
Did xrays... Good going..
We still have to freeze back up... Every three days.  He's such a trooper..
Hopefully getting new meds from Canada. So cheap..... Love it....

GOD is good....

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1834120 tn?1422945867
by tiadreams, Feb 09, 2012
Hey Sunflower,
I saw your post about getting meds from Canada. Are these fertility meds? If so, how do you go about this? When I did my IVF cycle we paid for everything out of pocket, EVERYTHING. Now that we are going donor it will be the same scenario all over again, ugh. No one ever said having kids was cheap right? My RE always waits a cycle before doing a second IVF due to the possibility of cysts developing. Did he say anything to you about this? My RE is cute too. My girlfriend agreed when I showed her his pic online!

2004373 tn?1335416840
by sunflowerhoney, Feb 09, 2012
Hi tiadreams,
Yes they are fertility meds the same that my doctor provided or the generic brands. I'm a flight attendant so I'm able to fly my own medication in with me as long as they are not illegal.  I had contacted my friends in Canada and in the Caribbean about getting my medication for me. Both are in the medical feild and in Canada and the Caribbean medication is alot cheaper.  They checked with pharmacies there and I am able to purchase it from both places at a reduced rate than at my doctor's office here in the States. I might not be able to get everything but it still helps. My RE also told me that he wanted me to wait another month. But then he said because my cycle wasn't on yet that I should start BC when it comes on and call them to schedule an ultrasound.  He also suggested that I see my GYN for a regular physical.  I had a pap smear, regular blood work, all the usual.  My ultrasound and blood work is on the 15th with my RE.  So we will see how things are going.


1834120 tn?1422945867
by tiadreams, Feb 22, 2012
Hey Sunny, How's everything going? Did your U/S and blood look good? I'm excited for you. I hate BC, I have the hardest time with it, bleed, bleed, bleed and soooo depressed. I don't know why that is, just really sensitive to it I gues. I start BC my next cycle @ 3 weeks away. If AF comes as normal then that will be it for the au-naturel attempts to conceive with my own eggs. I still feel sad about it at times and every month I am hopeful, of course hopeful to save a pile of dough too! So when is your next IVF? I am cheering for you. Lots of women succeed in our age range. It's just that some of us don't. Fingers and toes crossed. Baby dust and hugs to you.

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