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Food, maternity clothes and ugh

Feb 08, 2012 - 9 comments

I'm just curious if anyone else is having a hard time finding something appealing to eat.  It's not that I'm not hungry, I just have no desire for anything but Ice cream, shakes and cereal.  I try to force myself to eat dinner but its really not happening.  I know I'm gaining weight and that's fine but I just can't seem to find anything I like to eat.  Even the usual things I love.  It's not that they taste different just don't want to eat it.  
I'm also very uncomfortable, the snoogle did nothing for me and I'm back to sleeping with two pillows behind my head and one under my knees. But I'm uncomfortable all the time.  I feel awful all I do is complain to everyone and I feel guilty.  I know I should be grateful but its starting to get to me.  I can't find maternity clothes that are comfortable and fitting. Honestly I am most comfortable in my sweatpants.  The problem is the ones I do have I don't think will fit much longer.  
Sorry ladies I guess I'm just venting tonight.  They weren't kidding about the mood swings ugh.

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by JennyB0125, Feb 08, 2012
Aww you poor chicky, you shouldn't feel bad for venting, we all know you are grateful.  Pregnancy is tough & I bet tougher with twins, so give yourself a break! I hope you find a way to get comfy soon, and find some good mat clothes too! take care!

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by tones99, Feb 08, 2012
this is a time that we are allowed to moan as it is a huge thing emotionally and physically that is happening to us!  I just bought my first piece of maternity wear .. a really cute skirt that is so comfy .. I did some research and asked friends who'd been pregnant for advice .. this is on Australia so no good for you but I'm sure someone can help you out in finding the right clothes .. it has made me feel so much better having something that fits me and looks good but is comfy round my stomach

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by mhv, Feb 08, 2012
Oh girl, I feel your pain!!!  Nothing sounds good to me.  Not my favorite foods, not any foods!!!  I get hungry, but nothing sounds good!!!  I love food too. I have always looked forward to, not so much.  It's crazy!!  
I just look forward to the day I wake up, and food sounds yummy again.  

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by journey2motherhood, Feb 08, 2012
Thanks ladies.  Now the heartburn has set in so let's add that on top of all my moaning lol.  Yes, the only  food I  desire right now is  ice cream.  And my right toes are on fire - not sure what thats about.  lol

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by melimeli, Feb 08, 2012
totally buy the jeans with the big tummy panel.  not the little panel the huge one.. get some granny underwear too...  I loved those pants so much I didn't want to give them up afterward!

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by globetrot, Feb 09, 2012
Hang in there- some day you will miss it!  I went through a phase of healthy salads and mango smoothies for the first months- then I entered the mac and cheese phase!  My friend ate a ton of ice cream and her daughter was so big and healthy so it is a good thing!  Hand in there.  Also I agree about the big panel!!!!!  Target has great maternity yoga pants with the big panel- they were my uniform!

1386655 tn?1452097056
by journey2motherhood, Feb 09, 2012
I have two pair of maternity jeans that have the full panel and they are in a shorter length.  They are basically what I'm living in now.  Its just been very hard for me to find a shorter length jean - not a petite one - I do not have a petite frame so that's the biggest issue for me.  I do have one pair of yoga maternity pants, but I have to get them hemmed.  I just don't find anything of them comfortable to be honest.  Maybe its me lol.  I can't find many in the shorter length even online.  I'll keep searching in the meantime, I guess I will just keep hemming everything.  

Well I guess I can keep eating the ice cream and the shakes that's all I want right now.  I have to make something for breakfast now who knows what that will be lol.  I really don't know what I will do next week when I return to working in the office rather than at home.  I don't know what to bring with me because I am never in the mood for anything.  

Thanks for listening to me whine and complain ladies xoxo

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by robyn53, Feb 15, 2012
Hi girly,
I did not have any cravings at all! as the doctor said I must be getting everthing that I need! That is really the key with twins. If you cna try to eat yogurt, cottage with fruit for  the sweetness ets. I also drink almond silk milk so taht I can get all of my milks in for the day and I eat only salads for lunch and a light dinner, but also try to get proteins and veges in. With twins it is totally different!! As you progress you will only be able to eat little bits throughout the entire day or you will get terrible heartburn which trust me is UGH! not so much fun! I also work, so I bring in apples, raisins, containers or stuff and peanut butter granols stuff, so that you get more protein there!! I  know it is hard, but it will pass as long as you mix it up a bit! We are all different, but I do know a bit since we are both having twins!

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by robyn53, Feb 15, 2012
ohh! one more thing! We have destination maternity here in the chicagoland area and so that works for almost everything and clothes are cute!! you also can get prego underwear!!! trust me you will need that a bit later on and you do not want to rip your good stuff as I did and have!!! fun stuff!

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