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Feb 09, 2012 - 3 comments

I am a huge bargain shopper.  I drive myself crazy reading reviews and looking for deals!!!!!!

Discount stores like Ross, Marshalls, TJ Maxx are great for odds and ends.   I bought the little pants, onsies, baby wash cloths, swaddling blankets, burp clothes, cloth diapers to use are burp clothes, bath towels  etc. at huge discounts.  Everytime I would be by one I would go see what they had!

Consignment sales are good but I only buy things I can completely sterilize!

I love long sleep gowns- especially that snap up or snap at the neck.  Getting things over their heads that do not snap is difficult in the first weeks since their little heads are so floppy and they really do not like having their clothes changed!  You have to look for these- I found some at babies-r –us… finally.   These are great at night.

I love zipper sleepers- so much easier than snaps- but it also means the entire thing must be unzipped.  Snaps- you can just open the legs for a diaper change.  Zippers are great at night!  Childrens Place are my favorites- they are a bit expensive but they are cotton and the patterns are cute.

Diapers that are delivered- at a discount!  Pampers swaddlers was what the hospital used so I knew my girls would not have any sensitivity issues.  Diapers delivers in 2 days and they have the 140 case of newborn for around $31.  Your first order you get extra $10 off!  Amazon has a better deal but I have not ordered so I do not know what delivery time is like.  

Larger size flannel blankets to swaddle.  Initially they love it since they have not had much room to move inside you!  The carters cotton stretchy ones are good!

Boppys- I got 2.  These work even for little babies!  When I am alone for feedings I need them!!!!  They are also good just to have a place to set a baby down.  

The whole stroller thing is something else.  Double strollers are mostly intended for 2 children that are NOT the same age- like a toddler and a newbie!  I bought a used snap and go for now- we have not used it yet- am thinking that was a waste of $.   We got a 'Chicco together' on sale- it maneuvers great but the front seat does not recline as much as the back.  Also it is huge and heavy.  I just got a City Mini by Baby Jogger- it is a side by side- not a jogger.  I am VERY excited!!!  I got it Albee for almost $100 off and free shipping!

Bottles- I went with Dr Brown- not sure if they do that much more BUT I do love the preemie nipples bc they are slow.  We have had issues since girls were in NICU and fed the moment they woke up- or were woken up to feed.  They wake up hungry!!!!!!!!!!!  This has helped them pace themselves for breast feeding- which is still a work in progress!

Graco 'Lauren' cribs- delivered from Walmart.  Very happy with these!

I also love sheets that have the elastic all the way around- not just the corners!  The flannel Koala from babysrys are very soft and thick.  A tip from a friend- when you make the crib- layer several sheets with mattress pads in between- so mattress- mattress pad, sheet, mattress pad, sheet, etc.  That way if there is an issue (esp. at night) you can just remove the sheet and the mattress pad and voila- the bed is made!  Hope I am explaining that right!

Formula- just switched to Earths Best.  Bad thing- no samples or coupons.  I did find at Amazon it was the cheapest.  Then they have a 'subscribe and save' program that takes an additional 15 percent off and automatically delivers a 4 pack once a month- free shipping too.  I am very happy with this!  They have all kinds of  groceries so I may add items! UPDATE: it was delivered in 2 days!

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by journey2motherhood, Feb 09, 2012
Thanks for all the great tips!!  I will definitely take a look at these items.

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by Kricket212, Feb 10, 2012
Wow what great deals you found.  Also, Did you know on facebook they have good deals too. YOu can look up Moms of multiples where other twins moms sell the gently used clothes.  How about that??

294043 tn?1354211546
by Helen72, Feb 10, 2012
Costco has lots of great baby stuff!!

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