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Cholesterol Management

Feb 08, 2012 - 0 comments



cholesterol management




caffiene withdrawal

Today was the day I started my medications.  I tokk 10,000 u of Vitamin D in the morning.  I took 500 mg Niacin at night, 30 minutes after taking 325 mg of Asprin.  I ate a small salad (spinach, tomatoes, olives, a tint bit of cheddar cheese, garlic croutons, and 1 tbsp of Creamy French Dressing) in between the Aspirin and the Niacin.  I swallowed the pills with 16 oz of Dr Pepper.   At one point my face felt a little warm to my touch, but it never turned red and I did not experience any tingling.

My plan is to continue to drink 2 DPs a day this week (one in the morning, one with supper).  Next week I will go down to one a day (morning only).  The week after that, none.  During the day I will drink mostly water with an occasional sweet tea.  

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