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Aubrey's Birth Story

Feb 09, 2012 - 0 comments

birth story









So my Due Sate Was Jan 2, 2011 but here's what happened. So Tuesday  December 20th I went to my nst then went home. Got a call a few hours later to come back for more monitoring and to get my bp checked some more. At 7pm they decided to induce me. After 51hrs of trying to get everything started they decided to stop and Sweep my membranes. I got sent home at 11pm last night on the 22nd. On the 23rd I woke up with a horrible headache and didnt feel well so I called l&d and they had me come back in. After a few hours of being here they decided they would try and induce me again. At about 6:30pm I had just gotten settled into my room and got my iv put in. Well while the nurse went to get my name stickers I decided to go pee(tmi). The nurse had came back in and i was walking to my bed I said '' Either I just peed myself or my water broke.'' Sure enough my water had broken and I was 60% and 2.5cm. About 8pm they started me on pitocin. By 3 am my contractions were really strong. I was in so much pain they came in every hour until 6 am and gave me iv pain meds. But 6am the 24th I was crying and couldn't stay comfortable so they decided i needed the epidural. I got the epidural and it was amazing. I was numb but could still feel my contractions. I was dilating but it was going very slow. By 2pm i was 4cm and 80%. They keep checking on me and taking my temperature every hour and i thought that was weird. By 7pm I was only at a 5 but 100%. So they decided to let me hang out and upped my pitocin. Well at 8 when I got checked again I was at an 8 and +1. About 9pm Aubrey's heartbeat started dropping with every contraction. So I called my nurse and the doctor came in and told me it was fine but i begged for a c-section. They told me I had to wait to see what was going to happen and see if she got any better. And that I had an infection from my water being broke for so long. An hour went by with her heartbeat still dropping with every contraction. So they came in and gave me the choice of a C-Section or to keep going. I opted for the C-Section because I knew that she wasn't going to come out any other way. I just wanted her to be okay. So at 10:30pm Christmas Eve they wheeled me into surgery. At 11:05pm My princess Aubrey was born. She was 6lbs 2oz and 20in long. She wasn't breathing at first so they took her right away. As soon as they got in the hallway she started crying. Turns out my pelvic bone is way to small to have babies vaginally. As I got put back together they made sure she was fine. At 1am Christmas Day I got to see her for the first time. It is true when people tell you ''You will never love anyone as much as you do your child the first time you see them.'' By 10 am I was up walking around and visiting friends and family. Although this was a hard and rough 29hour labor that ended in a C-Section, it was all worth it in the end. Sorry it's so long but there was alot to write about.

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