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Feb 10, 2012 - 71 comments


.I am on 10units of Lupron a day and after 5 days my emotions are high and a non stop headache. Is this happening for anyone else and if so any advice on getting rid of the headache?
Jan 30, 2012 .To: ChitChatNine.Thanks I guess what I am experiencing is normal and can be worst.

Jan 30, 2012 .To: All.Okay so today was day 10 of shots and it was my first day headache free and emotions under control I was actually happy. I even managed to watch a Downy commerical without crying so all and all a good day. I was reading that symptoms will subside when your body gets adjusted to the hormone spike so I hope so. 2 more days until my 1st ultrasound (US) and bloodwork (BW)these initials are still foreign to me. I am so happy to have found this site so I have something gage results off of. :)  I think I will be happy if there is atleast 1 or 2 follicles and my lining is around 10? If anyone knows if I am right or wrong please let me know.
I am still hopeful that even though this is our 1st try that it will work. I see so many woman on here have there 1st try be a success :-)

Feb 01, 2012 ..I had my ultra sound today. went with a full badder was ready to burst and they said oh no it needs to be empty. Everything looked Good uterus is measuring at 3.3 cm thin dr said that was normal and good No cysts and saw 6 follis in right ovary and 5 in the left. alos said that was normal. Blood work also done,   was called  later by Dr told  toreducce lupron to 5 units fri night and add 200 dial up of Folistim and 10 units of solution x ( of which dr said he cant tell me what it is or he would have to kill me) lol ( I told him you already tried in June... remember lol ) I think the solution x is sodium chloride but it is written on with a black marker....... hmmmmmm that one throws me for a loop I wonder why that was delivered with all the rest of my meds by cvs caremark? If anyone is out there and readng this and has a clue what it is or something similar. please let me know.  so uping meds on friday and back in dr office sunday between 7-9 am for more blood work and then i think if my calender is correct should go in for egg retrival maybe the wed the 8th.
Funny everything seems to go so slow and yet so fast at the same time. still positive and hopeful with head aches and now my husband gave a me a cold. yay .

Feb 02, 2012 ..Okay so today was NOT a good day I snapped I dont know whats wrong with me.  I just feel like anything my husband says to me mean and non emotionally supportive. I dont think he has a clue what we go through to even get pregnant and he keeps helping everyone with everything while avoiding things that need to be done or worse leaving them for me. URRRRGGGGGH I could just Scream but instead I sigh and he says "what are you in a mood AGAIN" well I am now. so I snapped and told him he has no idea what I am going through and he told me that I have no idea what he is going through with all off  this and that it is emotional for him as well and that it bothers him that he with me cant just have a normal natural pregnancy. OMG. I dont even know what to say to him . .

Feb 03, 2012 ..So. Today I feel better and I talked to my husband last night about what he said he kinda acknowedged it and kinda didnt but for him atleast I know he knows that it bothered me. if that made any sense. So today is the day I start stage 2 with the sol x and the follistim. I was wondering this am about my lining measurment and remembered I stopped my birth control pills (BCP) a week early because of a blood clot in the leg and it was still so much thinner then i expected and what i have seen from everyone else. I still have this cold and I really hope it goes away today my nose is raw and I have enough on my plate with work and ivf.
I havent seen my best gf in a while so I arranged a spa day date with her tomorrow no massage just hair nails and makeup then dinner it will be so nice to see her and catch up we havent had a gf date in months and it will be nice to have a mental break. I try not to talk to her about all this since she has opted to never have children. i can respect her decision but I just think what she will be missing out on. Have a wonderful day ladies and I hope to hear from you all soon and for positive prenancies to roll in .

Feb 03, 2012 ..Okay so today was my 1st day of follistim and sol x and lower lupron and its was a DISASTER.. OUCHHHHHHHH so my Dr said I could save a stab by mixing the sol x and the lupron in 1 needle, unfortunatly by the time i primed the bottles and drew the amounts the needle was DULL I couldnt get it in 4x stabd I finally gave up and primed again with 1 needle and drew with a new one for both and then I finally was able to get a stab on the 5th try with a new needle. Then on to the follistim pen at 200units. This thing *****....... it went in fine but to get it to dispense was another story. it moved everywhere clicked so slow left a whole bleed HORRIBLE. uughhhh I need a glass of wine. Has anyone drank while on the meds? 10 more days .

Feb 05, 2012 ..Okay so yesterdsy was better then the dsy before lol. that was hell. still hurts but I had a Varity Club telethon last night with my bff and she went to the bathroom with me and helped still wasnt great I cant seem to be able to dispense it my gf had to push it in. 8 more days max thats what I keep telling myself. hahaha. I had my bw #2 at 8am and my Dr office was packed I was so surprised like full office.  I havent noticed any bloating yet but I did start getting alittle cramping today and I generally cramp when I ovulate, I use to think boy my body does not want me pregnant because that is counter productive. cramps = no sexy time hahaha.  But now Im thinking maybe thats my stims working. Dr called said my bw was good and to proceed on same doses and bw again tue am. I wonder when he will do retrival???? If I started stims on 2/3 fri could it be crazy to think he could do retrival wed or thur? I thought when they set me up they said 2/8 ish for retrival and nothing had changed my med calander ecthas been right on point. I really Hope and pray this works. not just for me but all of us. .

Feb 06, 2012 ..2/6  I Just got off the phone with Dr's nurse and I thought I was having retrival this week but nope :(  I am a week off no retrival till next week maybe valentines day- when I though I was going to be having tranfer day. BW tomorrow AGain. bruised and hate needles fun wow.
My mood is really really good like unusally good and hyper today. strange but I will take it. SO that is a positive. I always say try to find atleast 1 positive a day in anything.Today oddly I have 48 haha
I was disappointed a few minutes ago and now confused to hear my ivf nurse say I will have a day 3 tranfer not day 5..... I thought they org told me day 5 transfer. I keep reading how much better day 5 is. I will have to talk to the Dr about that.
Well we have sun and 50 degrees here today - instead of normal snow wind and 10 , and I have a light work load so I will enjoy this weather and mood. or should I say my DH ( husband) will enjoy this mood. lol

Feb 07, 2012 ..2/7 so bw today e2 was 594 I dont know what that means but they decided to drop my follistim from 200 to 150 and I have to go back in again tomorrow for more bw and now a U/S. I have some discomfort and cramping but I seem to think it is similar to when I ovulate. .

Feb 08, 2012 ..BW today but results arent back yet. U/S came back and our little follis came in with 10 eggs and came in at 13,13,13.2,11.9,11,14.9,15,13.8,11,12.7. tonight will shot # 6 of follistim . I have extreme pressure in my ovaries I am hoping for ER (egg retrival) sat   .

Thur 2/9 Okay so yesterdays E2 was 964. I thought that was a good jump from the day before. then today my E2 was 1342 so still good gains. I have BW # 5 i think and US # 3 tomorrow. no ER on Sat looks like early next week urgh this pressure is getting worse by the day. I hope to know more tomorrow and have some more great gains on my follis . so I will hope and wait till tomorrow. I so want to be optimistic and hopeful but not too much because if it doesnt work I will be so devistated. .

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by martin430, Feb 10, 2012
Okay so I have switched to here moving forward.

2/10 fri
today was my US and BW my arms are so sore, my Dr told me I look like a hmm.
I came prepared today with a list of questions I didnt know to ask before. like my fsh going in 6.. told under 12 is where to be. my uterus linign is up from 3.3 to 10mm told needs to be greater then 6 and folli housing my eggs need to be greater then 18 to be mature or else the eggs inside are too sticky and no good. so today I made small to some gains from the day before. left top 5 are 18.2,11.8,14.6,13.1,12.2 and right 12.8,12.6,13.3,14.7,12.1 if they make gains of 1-3 mm a day then I made terrible gains I say but Dr says no he is happy and I am right where I need to be...Husbands sperm count is 78 million needs to be over 20 mil and he is 78% needs to be atleast 50% motility and something else that should be 2% or better and he is 9% so Dr said he is excellent... lucky him so all the issues are on me.. urgh.. I set myself up for let down thinking I would only be on stims for 3-4 days with egg retrival last wed. IDK where the hell I got that idea but I wish I hadnt because it has made the last week go so slow and long. I like to know a plan type A personality. But I push on. and I still have the 2ww to get thru .
Bloating has set in so I went to the gym last night and worked out hard. bad idea. Dr said no more jumping around. did weighted jumping jacks and ran on treadmil last night opps. My boss has been great but my big boss Vinny was a douch bag and I let him have it last night via text msg to his text msg and he didnt respond.. urghhh I would quit but need the out of state INS that covers a big part of this so I push on. Iam looking forward to our Company retreat next month Cruise to Mexico I hope flying ect wont be a problem I hope to be 3weeks along at that point. Getting along with My Husband again is a positive :)

1473300 tn?1397592129
by renny320, Feb 10, 2012
I don't blame you for hoping for 3-4 days only with the stims. I haven't even started the stims yet and I can't wait to be done with them. I start Sunday. I read that on average you do 10 days of stims so if I am like the average, my retrieval day will be 2 weeks from today. I am hoping to only have to do 7 or 8 days. I have my first u/s on Wednesday and I am already nervous about it. I worry about whether I will respond well and get enough follicles. It sounds like you are doing great and have a lot of promising follicles.

I also feel you about the wanting to quit but not being able to. My insurance is the one with the awesome infertility coverage. My husband's insurance only covers up to $5,000 and that doesn't get you very far when it comes to IVF. When they make me mad at work I just need to keep my eye on the bigger picture because I have come close to quitting several times over the last couple months. That is very nice that your job does a retreat cruise. At my job it is an amazing event if they buy us a lunch.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for you that you will be ready when you have your next US and BW. SSBD to you!

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, Feb 11, 2012
I had my Bw today and my E2 yesterday was 2264 and today E2 was upto 3342 woohoo.
Dr called and said no more Follistim Pen -Thank God and no more Sol x which I think it is diluted HCG??? only 5 units of Lupron tonight -piece of cake... BW and US tomorrow 9am Dr says he thinks Im ready and tenitively a Retrival Tuesday sometime given US is good tomorrow - I am looking forward to seeing the sizes of my follis. Either way it will be a Valentines day to remember.
I am so bloated and have such pressure in my ovaries that I welcome the cramps after retrival if it means less pressure.
My aunt laughed at me today, we went to the mall and everytime I got up or sat down I moaned/grunted.urgh hahaha.  

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, Feb 12, 2012
Sun 2/12 I am waiting on my E2 but after my US this Am Dr said I am ready my folli are huge 22,21,19,18,18,17,16.9,18.2,20,16.7,16,15.8 he said I have follicles on top of follicles and I trigger at 830 tonight day off tomorrow woohoo my veins need it and go in for egg retrival tue 830 am. We are so excited

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, Feb 13, 2012
2/13 Dr called me back my E2 yesterday was 4571 and I am all set and cleared for retrival tomorrow am and they will call me wed with results of what fertilized I dont know if tranfer will be fri or sat from a 3 day . well time will tell. I was nervous and still am alittle about the iv tomorrow but more excited to get this started and over with.  This has been a long journey for me 7 years of ttc and I am hoping this will bring my first pregnancy .

1748995 tn?1427338464
by JennyB0125, Feb 13, 2012
Wow that is so much great info, thanks you for writing all this & all the updates are great!!  I wish you all the best, & I hope you get lots of great embies after it is all said & done.  I will keep my fingers crossed for your BFP!!

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, Feb 14, 2012
2/14 tue valentines day <3
Egg retrieval was at 830 am we got there about 745 they sat me in a chair took vitals then started the IV. it went in very easy but not pain free. I then walked into the room and laid down had my leggs in stirups and the anesteiaologist started the drugs my eyes went blurry but not bad then he started the 2nd drug he said it would be warm in the arm I said it was more cramping he said same thing lol. I woke up from a dream and was brought back next door to recover not problems just light cramping they gave me some pepsi and tylenol and a few scripts. . The Dr came in and said he was happy They rrecovered 11 good eggs and they sent my husband to retrieve and would call me tomorrow with the # that fertilized. they say about 70% should take on average. we left by about 945 and I was told to start my steriod pills 1 x for 4days. I was alittle upset that Anne forgot to tell me last night to take my doxycline-antibiotic. . I thought last night I should take it but it was last so I jsut brought it with me and asked this am. she agrued with me that she told me that yesterday-No she did not. I mean come on I am the one going thru this you really think I would forget that . I was waiting for it. she was bitchy and informed my husband about how much they do and hours they put into the paperwork they gave us that NOBODY reads. my husband was not happy with her at all. but nothing to be done about it now.
This is the same place that made a misstep and forgot to do my cbc before the hsg that landed me in the hospital. I am starting to fear they are too busy for themselves and making small mistakes that huge reprecussions. -just venting from cramos I think. lol.
I go in for transfer Friday Yayy I am so excited .

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, Feb 15, 2012
2/15 Wed
My Dr called and said transfer will be 945am fri. and that 9 fertilized so far. I asked about freezing and he says only 30% have freezing ability and most women dont have eggs to frezze???? What . He obviosly hasnt been on this forum a ton of u ladies have eggs to freeze. I dont get it when he says that..... Also he said that his % of success is 45% 1st time and 45% 2nd try..... Urrrgh I thought he was more like 55% I am trying to stay optimistc. Im tryin Im trying

I started the endomitrim supp and I am not sure if I did it correct lol.
I dont know if you insert all the way or only part of the way? I think I may have gotten about 2/3 the way in at best and I felt that I forced and that may have been to much or was it too little IDK
I figure 3x a day I will do 9 am 3 pm and 9 pm I hope thats good or should I try to go between every 16hrs instead of 12?  I will ask Dr Crickard on fri.
Dr said dont do fri am just bring with me and do post transfer because it is messy. LOVELY. how gross I have to go buy some pads today and a garbage can with a spin lid for the bathroom.I havent used a pad/panty liner in 15 years. .
I am looking forward to hearing about the cells and grade on fri maybe they will give me an update tomorrow? I doubt that tho. Kathy is off on Vaca and Anne is on fully -I dont trust her I think she isnt nearly as competant as KAthy she has already forgot to tell me to take my doxy pre retrieval and now she wrote transfer on my file as Thur so Dr was confused for a second when he called. Note to self stay clear of her  when possible.

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, Feb 15, 2012
Oh and to add to everything else gross I have a fever blister/ cold sore on my lip since last night.... is it  a sign I have a drop in my immune? is it a fever blister or a coldsore. it looks more like a waterblister then a cold sore. urgh either way I will treat it with 1gr of valtrex every 12 hr for 36 hr and hope it goes away.

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by martin430, Feb 17, 2012
2/17 FRI
Okay so I officially start the dreaded 2WW. We had our transfer this am. I accidentially took my steriod meant to take at night and didnt take the valium prior to transfer to relax my cervix. I had alot of pressure and cramping during the procedure. We put 2 in both 8-cell with little to no fragmenting and nice circles I guess. of the 11 eggs we had 9 fertilize and as of today we had 6 that were 8-cell 1 that was a 7-cell and 2 that were 10-cell. I asked if we should have the 10 cells but Dr said no that multipling that fast could be a sign of possible issues he said they picked the best 2 and that they will call us Mon to see if we have any available for freezing he said maybe 1 or 2. SO now I am on the couch afraid to sneeze laugh cough ect. My husband was great during the procedure and said he doesnt want to be to excited for fear it doesnt work but then looked at me during the 30 laystill and Were pregnant- God I hope so. XXXX

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, Feb 17, 2012
2/17 Okay so I thought I would try a pregnancy test this evening to see if it would be positive from the HCG trigger shot like the dr said and it was negitive? Y? what does that mean? now I am confusedit that a horrible sign of whats to come, I was thinking it would be positive then go negitive then go positive. I just commited the ultimate IVF 2ww sin I may be the fast soonest tester ever URRRGGGHhhh

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, Feb 18, 2012
Iam going threw HELL here and it is so easy to slip into negitive thought- I cant sleep Im in pain and I have no control BUT Negitive thoughts is cortisol production and acid so I am making myself be positive blood production and endorphines Because Negitive can hurt AND  Positive can only help.
I read a book years and years ago that said something like this " You may not be a positive happy person, or you may just be use to being negitive for protection. If you want to be positive it doesnt always happen over night so try a tactic called FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT. and it goes like this smile and be happy alot and if you feel like its a fake smile happiness, smile and fake happiness anyways because in time you will develop a pattern and a pattern becomes a habit and a habit can not be faked and then you will have faked it till you made it and it wouldnt have hurt a bit".
So I am going to make myself get back to basics and just let it be and be happy. I wasnt able to collect my morning pee this am if u can call it that since I wake to pee every 3 hours, so I didnt test I really hope and pray that this works .
I went to the bathroom today finally, it wasnt the easiest or alot and while going all I could think of was dont do anything strenous and that def was but I felt better afterwards and had to be done. when I wiped I saw a faint pink tint and noticed the lightest faint pink tint in the liner . was that the transfer spilloff? it did hurt enough that it would make sense I really wish I had taken the Valium before the process as proscibed insted of the night time prednisone by mistake but the nurse Anne-tho I dont trust her-said it was fine. I know it was to early to be implant bleeding I found a wonderful 3 day transfer time line.

3-Day Transfer
Days Past
Transfer (DPT)  Embryo Development
One The embryo continues to grow and develop, turning from a 6-8 cell embryo into a morula
Two The cells of the morula continue to divide, developing into a blastocyst
Three The blastocyst begins to hatch out of its shell  
Four The blastocyst continues to hatch out of its shell and begins to attach itself to the uterus
Five The blastocyst attaches deeper into the uterine lining, beginning implantation  
Six Implantation continues
Seven Implantation is complete, cells that will eventually become the placenta and fetus have begun to develop  
Eight Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) starts to enter the blood stream  
Nine Fetal development continues and hCG continues to be secreted  
Ten Fetal development continues and hCG continues to be secreted  
Eleven Levels of hCG are now high enough to detect a pregnancy  

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, Feb 18, 2012
Danm it I did it again and tested alittle while ago and still BFN urrgh  

I commited the ultimate sin of testing already. I tried to convince myself that I was going to test the HCG out of my system since I triggered 5 1/2 days ago but honestly i was looking to see my first ever positive prego stick even if it were fake but my dreams were crushed sooo early with a BFN already now I am trying my best to stay positive that its good that its not needed to be + first before hand . I just did my mani pedi and hair color thur trying to get thru the 3 days of incubating LOL. I agree my husband hates chick flicks about as much as I hate sports games and stock info on TV hahah. I tried to be BEDREST only yesterday only up to go to the bathroom. today I sat in the bottom of the tub draining and took a shower sitting down and then went up and down the stairs a few times slowly and carefully. tomorrow I may venture outside for a bit. and I am back to work Mon but my job is simple and I set my own sched But I figured I have to Work just to help time go by. . I have 2 Dr appt 2/22 noon with the dermatologist to see about having my mole removed and after with Dr Campagana I think I want her as my OB/GYN I havent seen her since the summer when she really helped me to come to terms that Crickard screwed up and I should sue him but also put into perspective that I need to prioritize and if I want to have a baby then do it Now and even tho he made a mistake he is the best . so here we are.
well no going back now I might as well test everyday or maybe every other day for the next 8 days then everyday after that.

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, Feb 19, 2012
Sun 2/19
I did not test today and I made my husband get me out of the house pretty much all day which helped the day pass faster. I will test tomorrow am with fresh am pee just to keep it going . I have been having CRAZY dreams and night sweats I am still not sleeping thru the night. I do miss my 10 hrs uninterrupted sleep. my cramps have subsided about 60% which helps I managed to go the the bathroom I have been drinking alot of h20 and activia but my diet has been less then good. we went grocery shopping so I loaded up on healthy veg and fruit ect. I cut up the pineapple today and ate a good chunck then went to brunch with husband and he googled pineapple core and of course it said DO NOT EAT PINEAPPLE Meat ONLY core and 1/5  a day for 5 day starting on transfer . opps so that upset me alittle I ate about 1/2 of core and about 1/2 cup of meat. I have been reading wayyy to much into the forum of everyone else triumph and sorrows and its clogging my mind alil. I wanted cramping gone but now that it is I read women with BFN say after 3-4 days they went cramp free is that a sign? I am still bloated and weight is 134 in the am... ouch I havent been that high in 10 years some of the stomach bloating is gone today but yet my am weight is higher then yesterday. these endomitrim3x a day are nasty to say the least I was thinking that ot was them making me cramp ect . Dr calls me sometime tomorrow with freezable #. I am worried like I want to say put a few more in I have followed rules to a T with a few minor hickups he says is fine but I worry.
I didnt get to drink 60oz h20 today because we were out and I wasnt prepared I hope alil less fluid in me may help me sleep the night and not wake every 3 hr to pee.

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, Feb 20, 2012
Mon 2/20
I missed my morning pee Again. I have to go so bad in the am and the mess of sleeping with the endometrim suppos I somehow forget. I was thinking about getting some dixie cups to collect. so about 20 min later I had a bm and was able to catch a few drips, not the best but a BFN I am using the 2 window CVS brand and the neg part whips accross the window so fast geez atleast give a girl alittle suspense. so  after ET I had extreme bloating and severe cramping for the first few days (fri sat) now yesterday they subsided a ton and this am I would say 90% gone. has anyone else experienced this and had good BFP results. ?
POAS this am still BFN but again I just had 3dt fri am and its only mon am so I am 3dp3dt?? or 4dp3dt? do I get to count fri since it was so early or no? Urrrghhh ROOKIE lol.
Back to work today so I hope that will help the day pass fast. I had my last 2 peices of pineapple core Chad says no more pineapple for me. lol.
I was hoping the Dr would call before I went to work.So I called them and the nurse (anne ) again only 1 to freeze and he told me my grading was 3 oH NO thats not good.

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, Feb 21, 2012
Tue 2/21
Well My cramps are gone and the tenderness in my bb is alot better, Slept almost thru the night 12-2 up 2:10-8:15 .
I dont know if that is good or bad. today is 4dp3dt. no spotting or anything except the endometrim disc seems very warm since last night. Dr campagna office called to confirm tomorrow but I told them I was coming for a ObGYN with out being confirmed pregnant yet- nutjob. and they told me she doesnt deliver anymore just gyno now, boooo. so I cancelled that appt . cleaned and did laundry told my energy is fine also. had DH bring basket- no lifting. this week is slow go.  

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, Feb 22, 2012
Wed 2/22
NO cramps today But I was wakened for my normal bathroom 2am break but instead of a crazy dream it was a pain in my R arm and hand . I read on consumers reports that First Response early detection was the best pregnancy test with the most sensitive HCG. Today is 5dp3dt I was just thinking I would take an HPT tomorrow but DH just remined me I took one this am and it was BFN.. Urgh I thought it was yesterday am. Man my days are running together and dragging on. so Friday will be the next test . yesterday should have been attaching and today should be starting the implanting.

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, Feb 23, 2012
This 2/23
6dp3dt I still have no cramps triedness tenderness or bleeding. I think the endomitrim 3x suppos is stopping me from bleeding even if I were supposed to?? but I am not sure. I have not noticed any discharge or implant bleeding. I wish I did I wish I had a sign that something was working . This is not the easiest just waiting and treating my body like it is pregnant without knowing if it is. no alcohol no caffine I even stopped drinking soda and have been on H2O . my weight is up but stable and I have been going to the bathroom regular again I dont know if its the activia or the bloating gone in my ovaries. I have only had the symtom of BM right before AF .
Big Good news Is that I think I slept thru the night last night for the first time in 2-3 weeks. Although Im not sure. lol. I thought I was waking up in the middle and then I just fell back asleep and when I woke which I thought had only been a few min it was already 8am. so thats a plus. I do Love my sleep. I felt alittle drained at about 330 today on my way home from the store but I think it was just that I have been so lazy anything seems like alot and i had just seen a client then ate wendys-`1st time in weeks- trying to eat clean but wanted it. and then ra to walmart for new vaccum and stuff then felt tired. hmmm. just lazy.
I pulled out one of the first response early HPT . it is supposed to be the best for tomorrow am's check. Today is day 2 of 3 of  implanting , if the chart is correct then implantion should be complete after tomorrow and I should begin excreeting HCG sat. that will be my day 8 and I kinda said I could go back to testing daily from 8-14 I should have enough test stock piled. BUt I'M SCARED. I know no matter what I will have to wait till march 2 for my Beta HCG test and I dont want ot be disappointed. I am  trying to decide what to do if it is BFN . We have our taxes back so we have the 6k to try it again if thats the price I dont even know if my ins wont pay for 2nd IVF will they still pay for the U/S BW ect? I will have to talk to the Dr about that and then call the INS.  Hopefully it just works the first time so I dont have to worry about it.  I find myself talking to God or driving by a church and saying a prayer and I feel iffy about it. I am religious and love God but I dont agree with everyones pushing it down your throat. Chads family included I cant go on FB without seeing 10 of them on there being overly Jesus freaks and the same with a few of the threads on here and I think it is overkill . But I do catch myself doing it, I try not to ask God for selfish things like that anymore I reserve it for extreme cases like when I feel my planes going down and to watch over my loved ones who have passed or are gravly ill but I cant help sneaking in a If you could somehow see fit that this works that would be awesome. hmmmmmm
I figure if I dont beg and pray and plead then I cant be angry if I dont receive.

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, Feb 24, 2012
Fri 2/24
Okay so today I had some brownish discharge spotting which is the exact time I was looking for implant bleeding
CDO 10 ( cycle Day since Ovulation) and 7dp3dt according to my chart implaning should have been complete yesterday and hcg should start being secreted today moving forward. I woke at 7am slept thru the night again woohoo I took my hpt this am and after 3 minutes I had a faint 2nd line so I woke DH up to come see and he said yep that def a faint line. we are so happy to have this little happy day. I will test every day from now on  :)

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, Feb 26, 2012
Sunday 2/26-- 9dp3dt
I bought bathroom dixie cups so I could double test if needed after my dud test the other day. so today is 9dp3dt and I got the darkest double solid lines. Yayyyy. So decided to finally take a digital test. I have been scared to take it because they are the least sensitive and need the highest HCG concintration 50 mIU/mL and higher. But it came back PREGNANT woohoo Now I have to wait till FrI for our 1st Beta I wonder if I call them and tell them it went from neg to slight to pos if they will bring me in early. probably not. DR is old school and by the book. I am so Happy but now nervous because of the 25% of MC this early. I have no cramps only a slight headache here and there and my implant bleeding has slowed to almost stopped. I do wake up really early and I cant nap so I am trying to rest as much as possible. Good Luck to everyone and I look forward to the other BFP's and hopefully making it to the due NOV/DEC forum thread soon

1748995 tn?1427338464
by JennyB0125, Feb 26, 2012
Yay I am so happy for you I really hope it's a super sticky little bean!!  I wish you a very happy & healthy pregnancy!!!!

1473300 tn?1397592129
by renny320, Feb 26, 2012
Congratulations!!! You should definitely call your doctor's office and tell them about your bfps. I bet they will move your appointment up.

1507497 tn?1357176656
by Keith_Cheggers, Feb 27, 2012
Congrats!!  And that is amazing it showed up so soon!! Might be twins :) here's to a happy and healthy 9 months!

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, Feb 27, 2012
Mon 10dp3dt
Thank You everyone I am very excited and I agree about the might be twins. the 2 eggs we put back were almost identical in cell and grading. so maybe :)
I took another HPT this am and it was a perfect BFP best one yet so happy there.
I called the DR this am and talked to Anne theIVF nurse again urgh and told her but no go on the getting in early so Friday am and as long as all goes well they said they dont do hcg bw on the weekends so then mon. I will keep posted

615281 tn?1344364609
by bella73, Feb 27, 2012
Congrats girl! That is awful that they won't let you one in earlier. I didn't call my clinic about the HPT test. I am going in tomorrow morning for my blood work. Isn't this so exciting!!!! Praying for great beta numbers for us both! Rest up!

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, Feb 28, 2012
Yes I tested again. and it was perfect solid double line. so everything looks good. we have our bw fri am and they will calll me back fri afternoon. I am really most worried about and excited to get the 2nd beta #. I did have a crazy dream last night that I went ti the dr and they were 3x busier then I have ever seen them and I saw a new dr and they gave me a pee test and were like nope not prego and I was so irrate telling them I wanted a blood test and they were like nope come back the 13th. urrgh Thank Goodness It was only a bad dream.
I still have 5 tests left and 3 am's left till BW so I will test everyday and I guess in between the 1st and 2nd bw. LOL. I know I am nutz and I am ok with it. tolday marks the 12th day I have tested and my 11dp3dt in my 2ww and I have used 16 tests hahahah.

615281 tn?1344364609
by bella73, Feb 28, 2012
Holy cow! I thought that I was being a serial tester!!!!lol. I don't blame you one bit for testing so much. Oh how are mind and dreams play tricks on us. I just got back from the clinic and will hear this afternoon . I will send you a message when I hear from them. I just know this is our time!!!!! Whoooooop!!!

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, Feb 29, 2012
Wed 2/29
I still dont have any symptoms but I have read that it is not that uncommon. and I had such bad cramps and symptoms during the egg production that maybe I have built a resistance to them. Hopefully.
2 more days and i have made it. what a long 2ww I tested again today as usual using a different CVS brand I havent  used in 3 days and havent had a strong result yet. This am it was strong and quick went positive in 30 sec. that was so nice to see. I have been worried about progressing I am so worried about a MC since they are common with the 1st. a gf had 2 last year b4 being 28 weeks now and tina had sooo many but I think she had tube issues that seem to be perfect after her lap. she is on #2 I just read on FB that Brooke is due Sept. wow that was fast they just got married in Oct I think. but awesome for her she will make a gr8 mom.
I am having a hard week at work so far  I hope it picks up just enough to keep me under the radar. 20 more days till vacation.

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, Mar 01, 2012
Thur 3/01 wooohoooo we made it
Febuary was the longest month ever......
tomorrow is BW day We are so excited.
I didnt test this am first time ina  week I just felt confident like I know what it is and thats not goinog to change the test result . no bleeding but I do have a few cramps come and go and this am I had a sore lower back. I get paranoid but I try to get myself out of it by thinking this normal and I am just lucky so far in not have morning sickness. I only throw up once every few years normally and if u take out hangovers I havent threw  up in 3 years since the first month Chad and I met- how sweet he bearly knew me and came over to sleep in my chair and take care of me . love at first sight and sealed that day.
I was looking at the chinese astrology and this is the year of the Dragon - fertility and it says that babys born this year will be intellegent kind and lucky.
I looked up mine and I am a Fire Snake lol and fit me to a tee
Chad is a Water Dog hahah pretty close except for the overly clean part-not slob
but when u match him and I up it says LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT and it was awwww.
I have a mild headache today but I didnt use the humidifier last night and I woke up at 530am dry as a bone. except my cheast night sweats gross and far to common now. I think I figured out why women complian of acne on chest and back during pregnancy. so far so good.
I am so nervous and excited about my BW beta count tomorrow I pray it is over 100 or close to. I know the 50 and under is iffy.
I am really looking forward to the BW on monoday- not yet set. this will show continued growth and put my mind at ease till US. I cant believe I am saying I am looking forward to bloodwork.

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, Mar 02, 2012
FRI 03/02/12
Well its official PREGNANT the Dr called 14dp3dt My Beta is 1524...... they wont test progesterone till mon 3/5 and they also have me sched for an US mon too. I am being crazy and worrying about my beta being too high, if my horemons are that high why dont I have any symptoms?   Thats alot to have to double by mon. deep breaths. Husband is over the moon and now thinking twin with a # that high. Me I am just worried I wish I could relax Thank God for being this far and being able to have BW and US monday.

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, Mar 03, 2012
Sat  15dp3dt .. 4 weeks 5days
So I have been starting to have symptoms. A little nausea - mostly motion car sickness, my bottom front teeth are so sensitive and sore like I had them zoom'd,  tired, and My face has been bright red and on fire the last few days buring hot makes me feel like I have and check for a fever. I was worried about HBP but had my BP taken today and it was 107/62 high for me but still below normal. pulse has been high though 82 and that was almosted rested. I have gained 6-8 lbs in the last 4 weeks and have been lazy. So I hope that attributes to it and that I can get more exercise in soon to regulate it. went shopping today for our co trip and bought a dress and a swim suit cover up - urrgh. I tried to find a few excursions for us but they all seem to high exersion for me right now or risky. I feel better about my red face knowing the BP is low. I was reading on high HCG and 1 can be Molar preg and a symptom can be HBP so that puts my mind at ease. I can not wait till monday I am being optimistic that it will be good news.

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, Mar 05, 2012
Mon 17dp3dt  US and Beta tests are done
Beta is still not in but the US  was so good and showed twins that they said the beta really didnt matter.
We are still in shock and excited. I cant believe it. it has been a long road and yet such a short fast time in IVF. I was worried this am but now I finally have some relief. I posted a pic in my photos

1647691 tn?1363727302
by Hoping2BAMom, Mar 05, 2012
A HUGE congratulations to you!!  I know how excited you guys must be.  I'm sure the second beta will come back great (probably a very large  Your next u/s when you can see those little heartbeats for the first time will be amazing and then they just get better from there:-)  I'm so happy for you.

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, Mar 07, 2012
Wed 3/07
19dp3dt 5 weeks 1day
I have been yawning alot and I fall alseep really fast. I usually take along time to fall asleep taking about 30-60 min now like 5. lol.
Chad took me for dinner last night to my favorite restaurant It was sooo good. we had an awesome time we laughed and talked and celebrated the next chapter in our life together starting.  We laughed about the last time we were going to drive there was my bday last year and I got nausea on the way and made him stop at wednys cause I thought I was going to throw up- so unually but I didnt but my stomach was so messed up I grabed fries and told him to go home and I went to bed. wow has the year flown by.
He really has been amazing a total 180 I really think the thought of my infertility and the idea I may never get BFP was really weighing on him, and now that he knows I can get pregnant he is over the moon. He told me last night that he has never been happier that he really has everything he could ever ask for, awwww that just melted my heart and I agree I told him that I can tell how happy he is , helpful attentive caring excited. thats the man I fell in love with and its so good to have him back. :)
the weather is unbelieveable snow Mon mornign enough the plows went by and today 60 sunny and windy. We have had the weirdest winter this year. We took the dog for a walk it was nice to be mobile, I think we walked about 1 mile maybe alittle more. it was really windy.
I was doing laundry this am in the basement where we keep the cat litter box that he just emptied the littermaid receptical yesterday and I swear the whole basement smelled like urine. Then I went to pull the garbage out and the honeydew rinds smelled so bad I started to gag had to leave the kitchen so he grabbed it and said this smell made u sick? I said yeah my eyes are watering from being about to puke and he laughed and said I think your pregnancy nose is here.. Himm. maybe my nausea is starting.
I love that the week is already half over that much closer to Mon for our next US make sure there is the  yoke they thought they saw and just maybe a little flickers?? aww that would be awesome then next mon right before we leave for vaca we will have our HB and I will be able to relax and really enjoy my first alcohol free vaca since I was 23. wow that makes me sound like a drunk hahahah. Twins OMg its still just starting to settle in for us.  How are we going to move across the country now with twins.

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, Mar 11, 2012
Sun 3/11
23dp3dt 5W5D
I have my 2nd Ultrasound tomorrow, I am excited I dont feel any different good or bad so I am taking that as a good sign that everything is progressing as it was.
My weight has gone up 3lbs this week thats alot. no cake candy sweets ect I have had fried chicken tho and eggplant parm but 3lb seems high. I worry alittle about the cruise in 10 days I may need to buy a new bikini for the trip that will fit. urrgh. My breast have gained close to a whole size I bought a new bra and I may need another one. I did go to the gym twice this week and walked 2 miles in 30 -35 min.

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, Mar 12, 2012
Mon 3/12
24dp3dt 5W6D
We had our 2nd US today and all went well crown to rump Baby A was 3.6 and Baby B was 3.5 I think . yoke was good for both. baby B was alittle smaller but showed a small fluttering heart <3..  was still to small to to count beats. they were in good position and grew a ton since last week. Mon 3/19 will be my last RE appt and should show 2 hearts. I have to find an OB/GYN . My appitite is up alittle today I had 2 cups of prego tea and 1.5 apples and 1/2 luna bar for breakfast . then I bought DH a sausg egg cheese biscuit on way to US and he already had one so I ate that after US. lol. then had a ham sandwich for lunch and its only 3:30 hahah. I gained 3lbs last week and I am hoping to keep this week with no gain or maybe drop a few before our trip next week.

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, Mar 15, 2012
Thur 3/15
27dp3dt 6W2D

I woke up yesterday for a 7am conf call and went back to sleep at 7:15 and didnt wake until 11:30 wow. Chad was up since 730 and never woke me. hahah. I had a busy day and was running behind. I had moms bday then a bunch of appt I didnt get home till 8pm ate dinner after 9 and went to bed. I dont like days that go that fast . But I do like getting out of the 1st tri as fast and safely as possible.  I dont think it has sunk in for us yet, although my DH is being awesome, I dont think it will sink in till we hear HB and see our babies look like babies.

615281 tn?1344364609
by bella73, Mar 15, 2012
when is your next u/s scheduled? do you think that you may buy/rent a doppler? have fun on your trip next week!

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, Mar 19, 2012
Mon 3/19/12
31dp3dt 6W6D
Today U/S was great babies are right on target. we got a heartbeat on baby A of 128 and it ( which I keep accidentially calling she , hahah, DH will love that.) baby A is alittle bigger and measures 6w5d + or - 2 days is how they do it at the RE office and Baby B is a little smaller ( which I read could signify a boy, that would thrill DH) came in at 6w3d +or- 2day with a heart beat of 126 so Dr said right on target and they pretty much released me I have my first OB appt April 2 which will be my exact 9 weeks. We really wanted to hear the HB but they said there equipment wasnt good  enough.

We leave wed am for Lauderdale and the cruise is thur. I am only slightly looking forward to it, all the things I love about a cruise I cant do, not excursions not drinking not tight bod in bikini at the pool lol. We have been having 80 weather here too, very weird we generally are only at about 40 this time of the year.

I way over ate at lunch today to the point I felt sick and took the rest to go but an hour later I finished the rest which was not small and now ever since I feel sick and if I burp I will bring bile up, urrgh why did I do this to myself.
Well I had to buy bigger clothes today. since starting drugs in end of jan I have gained 10lbs total and since finding out we were prego I have gained 5 for me that 2 dress sizes OMG.
I need to curb my eating and stick better to my healthy whole food baby diet. for all of us. lol

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, Mar 27, 2012
Tue 3/27/12
39dp3dt 8weeks woohooo

We just got home from my Co cruise.  It was beautiful and relaxing. We did go to bed 1 night at 7pm per my drunken sweethearts request lol. I had 2 days of spotting while on vaca nothing bad lite but bright red. I am hoping it was just from finally being able to "ingage" again. but yet it wasnt on the days it was the day after both time, So I called the RE for an unsched sono on wed just to put my nerves at ease and get a new look at our babes.  I havent had any symptoms still and I am offically at 8 weeks today. so thats good. I did notice a carb craving on the cruise and an adversion to protein chicken steak eggs fish, but I think that may have been my pickiness. Now that we are home I chcik cordon blu last noght and had no issues and took chicken breast out for tonight so I am hoping it will be good. I have been gaining wayyyy to much weight so far and too fast. from stim start to 1/26 to retrival 2/14 I gained 3.5lb then I started on the progesterone 2/14 and 2/17 egg placement I gained 1.5 more so I was up 5lb my offically 1st day prego then from 2/17 till we left 3/21 I gained 5.5 more lbs and on vaca I seemed to have gained another 2.5 lbs so I an up 13lb so far and thats way to much for me. Now that we are home I am going to try to add more exercise and smaller portions to my diet.
I have found the Apple cravings have subsided and are now been replace the last 4 days with peanut butter and bananas craving. I switched today from bagels to whole wheat toast .
Everything I have read says twins you can gain in 1st tri especially if not nausea or vomiting but I dont know how much is normal and other books I read say if u gain in the 1st tri that the extra weight is there to stay till the end and good luck getting it off.   uuuurgh.

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, Mar 28, 2012
Wed 3/28
I went for my impromtu sono today I really just wanted to see how they were doing since i had traveled and had some spotting but I figured the spotting was lite and infrequent enough not to worry. My weight at the Dr with clothes and shoes was 140 I weighed at home and was 138.5 so I just wanted to double check my scale. So that buts me at about 11.5 lbs gained on 1/26 I was about 127 and I started the meds by ER 2/14 I was about 130.5 statred the progest and by 2/17 ET I was 132 urrgh The dr says that I stoped progest sun night and what my weight is this weekend is what it is. My ovaries were back to normal size my lining was right on and the babies grew. Baby 1 was 7W5D with a HB 177 and Baby B was 7W6D HB 167 so alittle bigger. Baby B was the smaller before so I think he is catching up and trying to surpass his sister ..... My sex guess, lol.
My 1st Dr appt with OBGYN is Tue I am excited to meet her and hear what she is planning for us.
My fried on here today found out she lost her baby she was a week behind me and I feel so bad for her. It has only been a short time but I feel so attached to my little ones already . I have tried to brace myself for the possible loss of both or 1 of them so it wouldnt destroy me but I think that is a futile attempt .
We put in a bid on a house on Cherrywood ln and I think we got it.  Its not our dream house but it is a little bigger with what we need and it should always hold its value and them some. Not a ton of work needed which is good because I get less useful by the week.:-D
My sister in law confided in me today that she is wanting to leave her husband after 15 years and 2 kids because they dont comunicate anymore and she no longer has the desire to try to make her marriage work. Again I was at a loss for words. well not really I just told her try to remember why u married and if u can save it, but if she feels he doesnt and wont try to respect her then staying for the kids really isnt always the best. You cant teach your son that a man ignores and doesnt respect the woman. Boy life just always throws curve balls at you no matter what you do.

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, Apr 03, 2012
Tue April 3 2012

Today is my offical 9 weeks. We met with the OB yesterday and she seems nice . We were finally able to hear both HB so sweet and Baby B is so fast and strong she was happy to be able to find both to hear.
The DR did tell me that if I havent had any symptoms then I really wont have to worry about them now. wooo.  She said not to worry and as IO see here :) that alot of woman with and without twins have no symptoms and to count ourselfs LUCKY.  
My only issue is that the last 3 days my lips have been so DRY and I generally know that if that happens to me I will end up getting a cold sore. I would generally take a valrex pill when I feel it and it would never come out and go away but I have avoided it for fear that I can not take it while preg and forgot about it. Now I woke up this morning and my whole upper  lip is huge and I have 2 on each side OMG this is the worst it has been since I was in college and really stressed. I have not had one in almost a year and forgot how horrible they are, Now I am waiting on a call from the Dr to make sure I can take a few pills Thank God I have some on hand... Urrrgh horrible day.

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, Apr 17, 2012
Tue April 17th 2012
11 weeks

We have had a really busy 2 weeks.  
We decided to look at the taxes in charlotte and housing/job market and we really liked it so We placed our house up for sale last mon and had 1 couple come and look at it and they loved it and bought it. 22 hours on the market wow we were thrilled.  We had the inspection and now we need to fully replace our roof. urrgh . We decided to Drive to Charlotte fri am and hooked up with a realtor and looked at 28 house but we found 1 and placed a bid and got it Yayyy. Now we just need to close the deal here and finish up the mortgage and we hope to move May 31.
We ate like **** the whole time we were gone and I am hoping that is causing my stomach cramping discomfort that and we left 5am Mon and drove straight home , But since getting home yesterday until now my stomach has been really upset up in my upper abdominal and rib area I feel nausea,  I called the Dr and made a appt for Thur @ 1:45 for an U/S But she told me if I want to keep my appt for the next week thur 4/26 that my INS wont pay for the U/S... I thought that was the reason for being high risk... So now I guess I will agree to the testing for issues since they include u/s coverage.

I hope I feel better soon.

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, Apr 19, 2012
4/19 thur

Well we went to the DR today for my U/S and the babies are doing good active and good size and HB.  The U/S tech did detect a small uterus tear she said is in a common spot for it and small but that they need to monitor it and hopefully it willl heal itself.  That made me happy and sad at the same time at the Appt today.
No real answers and I cant really find anuthing on google about it except uterus rupture which seems extreme.  
We go back in 1 week 4/26 and I hope we get more answers and claerity on whats going on.

My cramps have gone down and nausea seems better but I also havent taken my pre nat pills yet and I think I will take them at night for now on.

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, Apr 19, 2012
I had a partia hysto to remove my fillopian tubes in Dec about 2 months before starting IVF.
I didnt see the DR today so I am going to call her office tomorrow to follow up to the US today and see what she thinks

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, Apr 23, 2012
April 23rd

Last Thur and the babies were doing great facing each other trying to kick each other .
HB were 166 &163 and they looked like humans.  On the bad side they found a tear in my uterus about 1/2 cm around baby B and then this AM I went to the bathroom and bled really bad for a moment Bright red and about 5 clots So I called the DR answering service and her assoc Dr Schnell called me right back, she me off work and sent me to the Millard Sub hospital for another U/S.
The tech there said the org tear seemed smaller and the bleeding could be it repairing itself and called it a subchoronic But then she found another above baby A bigger then the one they found thur and says I may get another scare of alot of blood with clots again.. Babies were good again but Baby A's HB keeps dropping began 176 then 166 now 161 Baby B has been 163 the whole time.  But they said dont worry.  They moved A on the bottome and B on top and B was kicking A in the head. lol.  The tech from Thur apparently changed my due date from 11/6 to 11/8 I dont like that We know exact day they were implanted so the date should never change. The tech agreed so we will have to see if they fix it.  We asked her if she could see their sex and she she said pretty early but looked for a bit and said it was only a guess but looked like 2 boys to her. Chad was so happy on the inside. hahaha. I am happy either way 1 of each is cool but honestly as long as they are healthy thats all I care about.  Today was a scare for sure

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, Apr 25, 2012
Wed April 25th
This is my last week in my 1st tri.
I have a DR appt tomorrow and the DR called and put me off from work from mon-thur and possibly longer.
I have a U/S Tue MAy 01 to test for NT to look for Downs and a update u/s for the tears.
My weight this am was between 139.8 to 142 between the 2 scales.
My cramps have subsided which is good and im barely spotting.  I am trying to eat alot of fruit and veg so I can cut somee carbs out.

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, May 08, 2012
Tue May 08 2012
14W woohoo
2nd tri

So I got a call yesterday from OB office and I thought they said Dr wants me to come in to discuse my pap test, I was alittle worried as they dont call unless there is an issue, They wanted me to come in yesterday but I was busy with work so I came in this am.  She started by telling me about the babies, so I was alittle confused and I said what does this have to do with my Pap?  She said my pap was fine that they called about my pappa.. the NT test I took came back less the desirable  I guess I should have had a 1 in 250 odds and Baby A came in with 1 in 550 which is great Baby B tho came in at 1 in 77...... not good.  So now she wants me to do a amino but I said Nope not worth the risk and abortion is not an issue.  I am distraught because I said from day 1 I didnt want the test.  I only did it for the US to check on the babies an d my tear.  URRRGGGGHHHH.
Now I have a new US on 5/24 to check the babies facial features ect but they worry it is to soon and they can not get me in any other closer time to us moving .  

My weight is at 147-148.5  not real happy about that.
I still dont feel anything
I havent had any more bleeding
But my back has been really hurting me and I have been going to the chiro 1 a week and I dont think it is helping,
Baby A hb today was 154 and Baby B was 148

1473300 tn?1397592129
by renny320, May 08, 2012
I have my NT test Thursday and I feel the same as you. I don't want to do the amnio and I'm having these babies no matter the result. The only 2 pluses to doing the amnio and finding out for sure is putting your mind at ease if the babies are fine and if one does have DS there are benefits to being prepared at birth since they often need extra medical care right away. However, a 1 in 77 chance means that only 1 out of 77 women who receive the same result as you for their baby actualy had a baby with DS. That means 76 didn't so those still sound like good odds to me.

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, May 17, 2012
May 17th

So I went in for an impromptu Ultrasound at the Dr's and we have offically confirmed that We have 2 lil boys in there :)
They were right on target and in the 75% for size at a wopping 4oz each and measuring at 15w3d.
The tech was looking good for me as I told her I was worried about B whom is still yet to be named and she said he looked good and normal so far that really put me at ease.
Dr novotny was doing a surgery so I saw Dr snel and she was nice and told me she would put me out on total disablility today or end of the month so I dont lose my INS and I can get some sort of disablilty, I am still angry with my Co. that I made 83k for the year but since I started last April and not Jan I did not have a full year in the disability criteria so they would only allot me 20k in benefits u have to be kidding me I made over 20k in a quarter urrrgh.and they threw a 60 elmin period ouch, the longest wait we sell is 30 and I always advise my clients away from 30 days as its long I call it the **** hits the fan period.  But all in all it has been a good day weight is still steady at 146-148 depending on scale so the same as 10 days ago but the babies are growing and my belly is growing - no complaints I have been using the revitol creme chad bought me and I have 0 stretch marks so I hope to keep that up. 2 more weeks till we move.
We received a email fromt he mort co and it seems to be all set I just wish they could move the moving date uo faster so me are assured we can move in on the 2nd when we get down there.

463595 tn?1334000822
by colorado_g, May 18, 2012
congrats on 2 little boys they will have lots of fun together

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, May 25, 2012
I really dont know where to begin. I was just discharged from the hospital.  Midnight Sun/Mon I miscarried one of my twins we dont know which one and I am still carrying the other so I have been on alot of antibiotics to help ensure I do not get an infection as that will end this pregnancy. I am on bed rest and have a nurse coming here 3x a week. I am so crushed and unable to greive because of the hope and prayers to continue with the baby I have left growing.  I do not want to stress myself out by greif but it is killing me inside at the same time. I feel so helpless and scared. and unfortuantly this is so rare that I dont see hardly anything on it. we have held off our move to NC until I am stable and my Dr's feel I can get as good of care or better in NC so I may stay here while my Dh goes down for his job. Whatever it takes I will do.  If anyone

463595 tn?1334000822
by colorado_g, May 25, 2012
i am so sorry for the loss of your little boy . Now you just need to rest and stay as cam s possible. you are in my prayers .

1985863 tn?1327764816
by martin430, May 28, 2012
May 28 mon memorial day

Okay so It has been 1 week and 12 hrs since our loss and I am trying to be ready to put this in words as I tried a few times before. I think this is important and will post it eventually as I have found NOTHING online like it.

So last weekend we had a shoe sale / garage sale in prep for our move to NC the temp was warm around 80-88 I was careful to wear sunscreen 30 this time so not to burn like last weekend and stay away from the sun.  fri went fine sat we set up and I left for my baby shower at 1pm and came home at 330 finished the sale at 530 and Chad put stuff away that night Sunwe woke up and set up one last time I lifted boxes but nothing crazy heavy and drank h20 and sunscreen but my back was really hurting and got worse so I sat as much as possible by 5 we cleaned up and I sat. I wasnt feeling great. we went to get his car and dinner at 6pm I had chicken fingers and fries I wasnt liking it that much so I didnt eat alot I started feeling like crap didnt feel good driving home sick to my stomach. We got home at 7:15 to stop on our way to families but I went ot the bathroom and had a small BM and started bleeding ( heavy spotting) I called outside said I was staying in I drew a bath and crawled in My stomach was really hurting and I called my mom and asked what labor felt like. I was thinking maybe but no way and it wasnt quite that bad.
I got out of the bath about 8 and was still bleeding so I crawled in bed and thats when the pain started.  Chad got home at 830ish and I was complaing he said to call the Dr it was sun I didnt want to bother her for what I thought was nothing I noticed they started coming in waves about 10 min apart I took tylenol 2x 500mg and 1 50mg colace hoping I was correcting a hemotoma I had or just constapated the waves got worse and I was screaming for 30 sec 7 min apart then 5 then 3 min then back to 10 and 7 I was just about to call the Dr and fell aslepp at 11:15pm ish I woke up at 12:10am mon may 21st in a cold sweat but the pain seemed to pass I went down stairs to the bathroom to what I thought was pee. then I elt the passs and looked down and there was the baby still attached to me and the umbilicord. I FREAKED to say the least I didnt know what to do so I grabbed a towel wrapped myself and the baby and went upstairs to get my cellphone andChad. I called the Dr answering service and the Dr called back I told her I had a MC and she said are u bleeding I said I passed the baby she said where is it I said still attached. My heart was beating out of my chest.  She said she was so sorry and told me to cut it so I asked chad to grab the scissors I wish I had thought to clean them but I just reacted. I wouldnt let him in the bathroom or see. he broke down and I was in the begining of scoke chad grabbed me clothes and Dr was 30 min away at Suburban so we jumped in the car and flew there as fast as we could went into ER and My DR was delivering a baby they had a ER OB look at me and she was horrible a 1st y resident and she was like theres nothing we can do and was ready to abort the other baby. they set up IV and took blood I went into shock 137 HB 115/78 BP Chad held me and tried to warm me and keep the body trembles down. The Er OB checked with a vag scope and said my cervix was at 1cm and she expected it to be a gapping whole. then told us 2nd tri mc of 1 twin would mean loss of other.
Finally Our Dr novotny came in and she looked beat in everyway she was at a loss and told us it didnt look good but she did a exam and said the umbilicalcord was still hanging like a wick and that could lead to infection that would kill the baby and me. I told her I would not terminate and I would take the risk I said well give me antibiotics she walked out for a few min and came back and said she read about this rare case and they would try. words to my ears.
She did a vag wash with  antibiotics and saline and recut the umbilicalcord and started me in Gentamyacin and clendamycin iv . tansfered me to a room and said slim chance but we will try she did a US and found the babies HB at 152 so comforting. My Dr said she saw this 3 years ago with tripletes but that the mother lost all 3 by day 3 and that for me getting thru a day would be a step then 2 and 3 days. they changed the gentamyacin after the first bag as the pharm said it wasnt safe for the baby and switched me to Azatramax or something close. My first CBC WBC came back at 22,900 norm is 9000-11000 maybe 12500 for pregnant women. Dr said it could be fromthe birth and stress and hoped it was not infection but that they would monitor it . 5hr it was at 22,500 not going up is good any higher would be septic.then they checked it every 24hr. next day was a victory and we had another US the baby looked good HB was 152 but we didnt know which baby passed. Dr said 99% its Baby A first in first out but they could have moved. Baby B was the risk baby and the hematoma WBC was 12900 wooohooo next day was wed WBC was 12500 and Dr wanted to release me so I could keep my appt with perinatal spec the next day they couldnt transfer me as she delivers at both hopsital and my care was the highest. SO at 8pm I was released to home bedrest with bathroom prevlidges and 1 shower a day flagyl 2x & keflex 4x a day for 4 days and a in home nurse 2x a week for fetel dopp tones and CBC.
thur Peri natal looked said he thinks its A but sees a small calcification in left arotic carber of the babies heart said try not to worry it is only a soft marker for downs and is fairly common in babies this age and often self correct . I really havent given that any worry I have no room for worry left and I was born with a whole in my heart so I just concintrate on his growth and health.
So thats where we are at just finished meds last night nurses CBC was same 12500 waiting on todays. I have bben checking temp 8x a day and is generally good only ocassional 99.0 last night.and I only get out of bed to go to the bathroom and Dr appt. 7 more weeks for viable birth but really hoping for much longer and I am will to lay here and let our new house sit until after his birth nothing matters as much as he does to us.

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by martin430, Jun 03, 2012
Well I have been breaking most common pregnancy practices by miscarrying and expelling 1 of my twins at 15 weeks 6 days and still maintaining the 2nd. We have not gotten any news or advice what to expect since this is so rare but can happen. I am waiting on the gene testing of my lost baby to see if they can shed some light on what happened but no word yet. Tomorrow at midnight will mark 2 weeks since this occurred I am on modified bed rest up for travel to dr appt and to eat and bathroom and about an hr to sit around other then that I am in bed running a million senerios through my very tired brain. They decided to change the sex of my baby which was a boy since 12 weeks to now a girl at 17 weeks and we are now dealing with soft markers popping up on the heart and bowel but told 90% nothing and 10% downs . This is my 1st pregnancy and mentally the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with but there is atleast still hope.
I developed oral Thrush from the antibiotic overload and the crazy change in my WBC and stress. We tried nystain 4ml x4 day for 3 days but it didnt work in the swish and spit way , Maybe I didnt hold it on my mouth long enough now I am on clotrimazole lozenges 5x a day for 14 days.
my bleeding has turned to light spotting and changed from bright red to orange and brown.
Mentally I lost it Thur and Fri from the new US and the change of the only certainty I had the this was still baby A who had a great NT and that he was a boy. To nope now baby B who had the 1 in 77 Nt now 1 in 10 and now a GIRL and also not only is there a calicification on "her " heart common but soft marker but now also a bight bowel which is also a soft marker could be ergogenic bowel issue or could be she swallowed blood transfused during the MC or indication of a  an infection. I couldnt take anymore I lost in on my way home and for the whole next day. I have been tested and pushed to my limit.  I give up and what will be will be.  DH has been amazing and my rock he says if he is a she ok and if she has downs then she does. I wish I were as strong as he is. I told him I was scared about everything , that I read 75% of couples with disabilied children divorce and health issues they have everything I just unloaded on him and he still stayed strong said we were i this together and that wont change. sometime still he just amazes me.
My WBC was 13,200 so it wwent down I was afraid that Fri am when the came and took it that ot would be high due to my breakdown but it was fine. the nurses very old fetel dopp that didnt show HB she had to count said 132 HB I thought thats lower then its been so I dont know how accurate I believe it. I ordered one that never got shippied. pissed about that so ordered a new one last night hopefully this makes it by thurs.
We have another US with Dr Rodger thur I am just waiting to see what he throws at me next facial issues arm/leg lengths to short who knows I dont feel reassurance going to him and I thin I should. The baby seems to be sleeping alot and legtharic I miss seeing well both of them but I just miss seeing any of them moving around waving kicking being active. I thought I was feeling them move before but now I dont. but then is baby had an anterior plecenta so that is in front of baby instead of usual rear and acts like a cusion for movement.
I lost a few more pounds. yesterday I was at 142lb I was at almost 150 before this happened and my belly is almost all but gone.
I say my few days before the incident baby shower pics and I look like a cute basketball in my belly but now  barely anything Never thought I would miss being big, but I guess I miss more what I lost.  I hope this works out for the best but its hard to see the light at the end of tunnel when it just seems to be getting darker everytime we go for  a check up

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by JennyB0125, Jun 03, 2012
I am so sorry for your loss & I am praying for you to hang on to the baby you have left, I cannot imagine what you are going through.  Just know your MH ladies are here for you if you need to talk.  Please rest & take care of yourself.  Hugs!

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by Evelyna79, Jun 03, 2012
I'm so sorry that you are going for such a hard time, but please don't give up. Be strong for your other baby. Things happen and something there is nothing you can do about it. Your trust God and follow your OB instructions. I 'll keep you in my prayers.

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by colorado_g, Jun 03, 2012
I am praying for you :) you still have a big hence of a healthy little girl and you have to believe in it. It is great that you have amazing husband nest to you. I am here if you need to talk

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by martin430, Jun 19, 2012
June 19th 2012
20 weeks ( 5 months)

So much has been going on.  I feel like I am on a roller coaster ride.  I get motion sickness and I have never been one for Roller coasters and this one is huge.

My weight is starting to come back I was 147 this am.  I have a OB appt later today and a Perinat tomorrow am I always get anxiety before going and pray everything is ok.
My CBC yesterday was at 13200 for WBC and "normal" for my bands I dont like terms I want #. That was VNA that drew it yesterday and she comes late in the day. I was so iritated at her because she set and 1130 am appt then tried to change it to 230 and I said no I want my cbc back and the differentails for bands take hours so she said ok 1230 but nope at 1215 she called and said 2-230 then called at 230 and said 315. I felt my blood boiling but atleast she agreed to finally call me with my results.
Last week Dr Novotny scared the **** out of us Mon and said Oh no your immature white count is way out of wack come in early tomorrow and have your blood drawn again and Dr Rodgers want parasite blood draws for toxoplasmosis and parvo ect. great I didnt sleep a wink All I could read and think about was Lukemia.
The next day I went early and had a blood draw then to her office she was very grimm and told me by immature was up 20x annd my wbc were up as well and that she feared the worst that I had a uterus infection and she would hav eto terminate me within a few days. She then told Chad that the parasite tests werent back but the Dr Rodgers wanted them for the echogenic bowel and that I was 5 weeks away from viable and that if any of this was what they thought I would never make it. I said I would take my chances and she told us she wouldnt let me because she would lose both of us. WTF. Then we asked about the change in downs from 1/77 to 1/10 and she said when the # are that high she usually sees downs. We left totally DEFEATED Chad even more then me. He told me that night he felt so Empty and that he felt like he would die if we lose this baby too.  I had made it 3 1/2 weeks since the miscarriage and we thought we were safe from infection.  We couldnt cry or talk we just sat there for hours. I again didnt sleep a wink Wed am we went to see Dr Ridgers and again did another blood draw and brought a copy of all my labs to him. We never had a single good experience there and I dreaded going. the normal hour wait above the appt time is the worst.finally we went in and the tech started the US then the Dr came in and could see the disappointment on my face. He asked me what was wrong and I just lost it . I said I never have a good experience here and that Dr N wanted a Amino and that it looked really bad and that I sould perpare all overagain for a loss.
He told us to relax and for Once he said it looked fine. that my levels at VNA and suberban tested bands on a much higher scale that they used upto 14x as norm where his place sisters used 5x and that my wbc was still in norm and that the parasite tests were just routine. He then told us for once great news that the echogenic bowels was going away and was more then likely blood ingested and not an echogenic bowel. So that brought the Downs up from 1/10 to higher maybe 1/25. He told me to relax that everything looked good still and he wouldnt give me an amino it wasnt worth the risk. You will find few Perinatologist that will say that.instead suggested a C reactive protein blood test to look for infection instead. usually used for corenary artery disease.  so 3 hr later back to the lab My vein blew up from that exact spot draw. Ouch.  Later that night Both Dr's called to tell us my labs were close to normal and dropping and the Creactive was Neg when they expected a false positive so We were so HAPPY and I finally SLEPT for atleast 6 hours that night.  I have Never been so egar or happy to give my blood.
So today we will see what the Dr brings at us.Chad is so mad at her for scaring the hell out of us I told him she was just doing her job but he isnt listening.
Dr Novotny told us 4 weeks ago when this all happened that this was her milestone 20 weeks she said she would be happy to see 20 weeks and the 24 Viable weeks I pray to get there so I can have my first deep breathe in a month then from there it is all just progress.
I can feel her move now instead of is that gas? now I can say yep she is moving. :)

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by martin430, Jul 05, 2012
July 5th thur
22weeks 2days

Sat I had bright red blood with a nickle sized clot and my fetal doppler was showing a low falling heart rate I was getting tightening in my stomach I thought could be Braxton Hicks or contractions.  I called my OB and she sent me to sisters labor and delivery they hooked me upto a contraction machine and did a US said that I wasnt contracting and the US looked good and HB was good 156 and my cervix looked closed.  Mon I had more blood and alil clot so I took a pic and called the Dr and sent it to her phone she said it wasnt supposed to be there but was ok since I had such a rare case.  DH was in NC and came home Mon evening I felt better Tue I went to OB visit and heart rate was good and she said they were Braxton Hicks I asked about testing my amniotic fluid , she said she didnt do that in the office and Dr Rodgers on Thur would check on the US thur.  Wed yesterday was 4th of July we stayed in and it was uneventful no braxton hicks but also not alot of baby movement so I grabbed the fetal and it was ok.
This am was Dr Rodgers visit and I didnt feel good about it and the baby's HB was 171 I thought that was high but sono said it was in norm range but then the Dr cam ein and said HB was ok 156 but that she was really low on amniotic fluid I said like how much? like half? he said they cant really measure that was but that she was low I think about 3.5 when she should be between 5-20  .  Where did it go what happened was I leaking he didnt have answers said he was calling OB and sending me back down to labor and delivery. I wonder if they didnt check it on the US on sat.
We went down and a resident dr urgh came in and did a internal speculum she didnt see any fluid just some discharge she tested said no yeast infection and no sign of leaking amniotic. so no answers. they admitted me so here I am in room 235 its a nice room on the delivery floor the nurses remmebered me from last summer. God help us keep praying everyday and I am so scared we are so close.  12 days to viable and 5 1/2 weeks to good standing I just hope my fluids have a mircle and replenish themselves.

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by JennyB0125, Jul 05, 2012
I am so very sorry you are going thru all of this, I have you in my thoughts & prayers, I hope to goodness that this little baby gets to a stage of healthy viability.  I hope you supportive family around or you & hubby. Please remember your MH ladies are here when you need us,please feel free to inbox me or anything if you need to.  Hugs!

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by tones99, Jul 05, 2012
I have just read through this whole journal and can't believe what you have had to go through .. I just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you and hoping that you have a miracle outcome

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by martin430, Jul 11, 2012
July 11 Wed

So No real updates.  But we are still hanging in there. Went to perinat for a US on Mon and Dr said fluid looks about the same but too much umbilical cord in it to get a measurement. He said I have oligohydramnios but doesnt know why he feels it is placental insufficiency but hasnt seen any proof of it yet but the lack of fluid and IGRA Below average growth.  Although according to my weekly medhelp update she is in the weight range. Dr has her at 483 gram about 1.1 lb maybe a little less.  I have been bleeding every few days but not enough to concern the nurses or dr's just me. My stress levels have been off the charts I full body tremble everytime they walk in the room and I only sleep from 12-6am and I am up every 2hr. Last night I slept almost 5 hrs with only a interuption from cramps but I adjusted and it seemed to help so I didnt get up till almost 5.  I am in a catholic hospital and the chaplains have been really nice they come and pray with us and bring me inspirational psalms it really helps. We read alot about miracles and we are praying for one.
The Neonatal Dr came down today to lay out the facts and issues she faces but we already talked about it and what God gives us we will charish.  everyday we make advancements.
I really like the nurses here and its been a week.  They have me on strict bed rest only up to use the bathroom and to shower once a day.My back hurts but I can deal with it.  They put and IV in with the anestialologist 4 days ago but never used it and wanted to remove and replace it but my Dr said no lets wait. Good they kill going in and I have limited use in my hand the first few days and issues the rest then they want to change it. oh no.... They already informed me they need to type and screen my blood every 3 days to keep 2 pints on hand incase. This I dont understand since my blood tyoe will not change but what ever.
They started my betamethasone **** yesterday a week early Dr rodgers said its from 24-34 weeks but didnt feel a week early would make a difference. 1 shot and again another24 hr later. Tue shot I knew she was in fat and not glute muscle this am she hit me square ohhh that hurt and burned. I have an slight temp yesterday at about 5pm I thought it was from the shot. Today almost right after I became very flushed in my face and legs and it lasted till about 3-4 pm then it started to subside.  I hope these shots help her lung and brain.
I oddly was flossing my teeth last night and I cracked a length long crown crack of my lower 2nd molar. Thank God a GF is a dentist and she will come tonight to temp fill it till she can fix it.
I have a previous sched perinat appt tomorrow at 330 and I hope we can keep it.
I set DH up with a 1hr massage but we missed it, they were nice to wave the $60 miss appt fee and resched him for fri at 1230 its nice that its upstairs and a chance my INS covers it for him.He deserves it and although he dosent recognize it he needs it.  He has been amazing showen me a side of him I have seen but not to this extent he hasnt left my side he is tech on bed rest with me and gives me love and praise everyday.  I didnt think I could love him more and now I couldnt love him less.
I am hoping and praying and greatful for everyday.

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by martin430, Jul 12, 2012
July 12-2012

I was finally able to get some sleep last night. 3.5 hr up then 1 hr then vitals then 3 hrs. woohoo. I decided to use the do not disturb sign till 8am and it helped. We were not sure if we were able to keep our peri nat appt for today so I called and they said I could which was great. The appt went really well Dr Rodgers said he sees a slight increase in the amniotic fluid and the placenta still looks good and the old placenta is very small. I gained 2 lbs this week and I feel like my belly is coming back so we left feeling really good. Our Beta shots are in and active so today is a good day and we pray everyday for the blessing of more days to come.

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by martin430, Jul 24, 2012
July 18th 2012 WED

I ended up going into labor the night before 11pm 7/17 about every 5 min they werent the worst feeling but the cramps did seem formilar. I finally gave in about 5 am 7/18 and buzzed the Nurse in she hooked me on the toco for hours they were every 3-6 min and the babys HB was 154 . Wed 7/18 at about 2pm they werent slowing down so they sent me to labor and delivery and did a speculum and found my water had broke and was back down to 3.5 and as they were giving me mag sulfate for her brain I felt and everyone heard a huge kick I almost jumped it sounded like a Bomb. I felt a huge warm gush I thought that could be blood or fluid. My mom and Lou joke all they heard me say was I think there is a foot in my vagina. She has been breech for weeks leaning on my bladder and feet on my cervix. Dr Balsik felt with her hand and said there is a foot in there. she kicked her foot thru my canal and broke the rest of her fluid so 5 sec later in Emergency classical section I went Dr Novotny wasnt there yet and I was so scared for both of us. They thru scrubs at DH and left him him the room till they were ready for him. He said he was so scared that the 10 min felt like eternity but then he cam in and was happy they left me awake. They gave me a spinal I thought it would have killed but it was no worse then the lidocane from my mole removal or the IV placement.. and at 5:42 pm Our sweet babygirl was born weighting 1 LB 3.6 oz (555G) and 11.5 inches long. PERFECT & ahead of development and breathing. GOD is Glorious . She is in the III NICU with really great DR ALBERTS & RILEYand Nurses we really love JANE ELLEN , MARY, and BRIDGETT and student EMILY so far. She Thriving we are all impressed with her. She has been off the Vent since 12 hr old and on the Cpap.  They started her on day 3 Sprinting ( o2 only in the nose) for 3 hr stints every 12 hr, but she started having spells (apnea) so they have backed off and are holding the sprinting as of mid day 5 till she gets a little stronger.  They want her off the Vent as much as possibale but told us not to worry if she goes back on that every hr off is huge for her and that alot of 24 weeker are on for 6-8 weeks to start.  We cleared our 1st few hurdles Praise GOD she made it past first 72 hr and passed 3 day 5 brain U/S with no bleeds found.  They started to feed her yesterdasy slowly 1.5 ml of breastmilk over 1 hr every 3hr.  she has ALOT of hurdles to get past but she is a fiesty fighter and we had her Baptized Day 2 by Rev PEARL with very special Father Baker holy water and has Jesus as her Lord and savior and God is by her side and it shows from her head to her toes. We couldnt be happier or with more pride for our precious miracle Madison Jacqueline Martin.  We of course spend as much time as possible with her so I will try to keep u up to date as I can.
No adoption? Wow Better luck next week. Does Your RE get the eggs from their office of outsourced? If in house maybe they will let you post a paragraph of your story for woman to see and donate? Best of luck Dont give up hope and faith I truly believe that it is the only reason we made it to the day after viable 24w1D

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by Evelyna79, Jul 24, 2012
Oh dear after you have gone through, I'm glad that she made past the 24weeks and is doing well. She is a little fighter and is in the best place possible. God is looking after her, and she will be home before you know it. I'll keep you both in my prayers.

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by colorado_g, Jul 24, 2012
seams like she is a fighter. Congrats and best wishes on the road to recovery.

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by martin430, Aug 05, 2012
Madison is 18 days old today she has gained 4 oz and is .5 in longer on 7/31 her little lungs had enough she began having spells more often and her blood gases were climbing so the Dr decided it was time to put her on the vent she had a good run about 12 days off. It was  a hard time for me I broke down I know that there are pros and cons to the vent and they told us from the begining that they were surprised she stayed off as long as she did but to see our baby with a machine doing the work for her broke my heart. They thought she would only need a week but everytime they try to lower it she climbs in the blood gas so now they say it will be longer. The dr said she will have some sort of cronic lung disease in the future. how do they know they cant tell me from one day to the next anything but they can tell me this ? it upsets me. I may have a bit of postpartum going on i can cry at any moment and generally do.  She is still the smallest baby in the NICU by alot. They did bring a little girl in born yesterday at 1 # 12 oz on the vent and photo light. I feel for her parents. This is no picnic thats for sure, I dont sleep but I am used to that.  I just try to look forward to the day I can look back with this behind us and our daughter thriving.
Recovery from the c-section was easier then I thought although the first few days after were painful like cold sweats going to pass out just getting up to go the bathroom pain. But still not as bad as I thought.
I have a ton to be thankful for and a ton to have sorrow over so its a constant struggle everyday but I just keep telling myself to push it aside a forge forward because its all I have.

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by hepD, Aug 05, 2012
I am so happy to hear that your little Madison is growing in size and that she is now eighteen days old. What a trek you all have been through. Hopefully you will get to take her home someday here soon. And, I agree with your statement about the chronic lung disease. How do they know? Doctors like to throw around numbers and hypothesis and all, but even since I have been pregnant, they have been wrong a few times now. Try to set that aside for now and deal with that hurdle as it comes (and remember doctors need to cover their ***).  I am praying for her! It sounds like she's a tough one. Blessings to you all.  

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by JennyB0125, Sep 13, 2012
I just wanted to check in & see how you & Madison are doing? I  hope all is well hun!

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by martin430, Aug 31, 2014
Maddie is doing great Zero mental physical of Heath issues.  So we decided to be crazy and try for baby #2 my Ivf went with 10 eggs all doing great by day 3 very odd. But by day 5 we only had 1 to freeze. Even odd'er so we froze initially thinking we would pgs after what we went thru before but with only 1 and 80% paid for upfront/ racket. We cancelled pgs/pgd and are the 4k cost and moved ahead with 5day blast no frag FET I'm 6dp5dt with no symptom aside from very sore rear fromPIO and neg hpt everyday. Losing faith but have my beta on 09/05 fri today is sun so 5 more days my 2ww was 12 days and transfer was 1 pm 8/25 fri . 48 bedrest. Mom came in to help with maddie for the week. So awesome of her.  Had no bleeding at all. Was hoping for some implant bleeding but nothing and neg are true neg . Using REACH of Charlotte thinking of changing clinics but they have the best odds urgh.

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