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Feb 10, 2012 - 1 comments

I was sitting here worrying about all this spotting I'm having when I should be ovulating. I'm worried I have a cyst or something because I don't think I o'd last month. I decided to have a glass of wine and watch a show I DVR'd. I'm a few weeks behind on shows because I've been reading Game of Thrones (which is awesome) and I haven't been watching TV lately. I decided on Parenthood, I think it was last weeks episode, not sure because it wasn't on one week this month I think. Anyway, (I think the wine is making me ramble!), a 40 yr old character, Sarah, is dating a younger man and they are talking about having kids and she is getting worried and told him they needed to start now if they were serious. I cried. I do hope they don't make it quick and easy for her, just because it would be nice to shed some light on the issue. They had her sister have secondary infertility and she is now trying to adopt so maybe they will. Anyway, it may be emotional but I am definitely going to keep watching!

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by 1biologist, Feb 14, 2012
Just wanted to say Happy Valentines Day!!!

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