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appreciate the forum

Feb 11, 2012 - 1 comments








I am back on the forum.  The people helped me so much years ago and I am in need of some help now.  I so appreciate all the input.  I guess this is an ongoing battle.  I am up for it as I know who controls my life and His desire for me is good and not evil.  So many promises in His Word that I can count on.  No letting go from this one.  He is with me 24/7.  My favorite scripture, is Deut. 33:25   Such as you day, so shall y our strength, rest, and security be.  How much more can anyone ask.  Right now my needs are getting my thyroid stabile and my stomach pain to go away.  No big deal for God, just connect me to the right answers.  I am so thankful for people like the ones on this forum that will take the time to connect with me and tell their experience and encouragement.   As my mood states, I am expecting good things.  

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by Nighthawk61, Feb 24, 2013
God Bless you honey, keep the faith.

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