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My new journey

Feb 11, 2012 - 0 comments








I've quit doing heroin, I've stopped being tempted to do other drugs, I've even stopped smoking weed, however I cannot for the life of me stop smoking.  It's time, I have this horrible cough that just will not go away, I'm wheezing at night and I'm just tired of it.  It stinks, it isn't attractive and I want to be done but the grip that cigarettes have on me is intense!  

Smoking for me does a number of things.  It's an oral fixation (I've bought a large package of suckers for this), it's a stress reliever (this is the one that gets me EVERY time) and it just calms me down.  I enjoy smoking, I also enjoyed being high, but that was killing me too...  

Anyway, so my husband and I have bought patches (for the umpteenth time) and we have decided to stop tonight.  We are disposing of the cigarettes we have left and we are starting fresh tomorrow.  I'm terrified about this.  I'm well armed with my patches and my suckers, but what about the stress?  I live with my in laws, it's not exactly a stress free environment.  

I will keep this updated, hopefully things go well.

~<3 & PeAcE,

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