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Feb 13, 2012 - 0 comments








It bugs me that my best friend wants to cut and I'm a recovering cutter and I tell her I'm trying to keep from cutting but so many people keep mentioned that they want to cut (and don't even consider the fact that I'm trying to KEEP from cutting and all they're doing is condoning it) and she says "You have to be strong, you're always the strong one"
Well ****! I hate being the strong one for multiple people...why can't someone be the strong one for me. I want people to care about me yet I don't even feel like I can get that. I'm not asking for attention, just for someone to notice when I'm upset or depressed. I write a status on Facebook about how I'm feeling and barely even get one person to acknowledge how I might be feeling but when my friend does, she gets a lot of recognition. My other friend said she wanted to draw a butterfly on her arm for my friend who wanted to cut and for some reason that got me because I wish someone would say that for me...oh well, guess I'll just need to get over the fact that I won't really have someone who'll truly show how much they actually care.

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